A Shabby Cottage Chic Living Room – Making it Your Own

With shabby chic the owner will have a frilly lamp covered in beads, along with a sturdy bookshelf with paint chipped away, yet somehow everything seems to tie in just perfectly creating the right amount of balance, and remaining cozy all as well. Sounds complicated, but it is really not. If this style is what you’re going for then your best room to start out in is your family room. This room is easily the most diverse in the house since it serves as a greeting space, family space, occasionally a dinner space. So how do you tie in all the portions of shabby chic as well as each of the aspects of your lounge? Easy – simply do what you look for!

First and foremost, shabby chic doesn’t imply girl inside the room whenever possible. Painting the walls pink and dolling your couch up in ribbon could be what you are wanting try not to feel forced involved with it. A green entertainment center with paint chipped off, as well as an antique lamp work equally efficiently inside the space as also does the frilly ruffles. Pastel colors are also an excellent addition for the space while they usually are the most relaxing colors to get a space that serves a lot of purposes. Paint your walls a calming and happy color to begin and then piece in your furniture beyond this concept.

Rule number one for furniture shopping: Thrift stores and yard sales are certainly not the enemy, and furniture doesn’t need to become fresh. In fact, the more worn in the piece, the more cozy it is going to fit inside your space. Many shabby chic pieces is available at local thrift stores as the piece comes from your previous family and already has that worn in charm. But ensure that the piece is in good condition before purchasing. Just because worn in is good does not necessarily mean that broken and dirty needs being dragged in your house. If you’re handy and inventive, pieces which can be broken and considered garbage to others can be new prized possessions to show in your family area with just the correct amount of fixing and painting. A mirror tossed for the side could possibly get a whole new frame, paint, and proudly displayed above a couch bought in a nearby thrift store only for a hundred bucks. The best part about shabby chic that many have no idea is that it is eco-friendly. As many having hold of this style use furniture from hand me downs. Furniture that will normally be tossed for the local dump now make their new house with your living room.

Rule number two for creating the ideal shabby chic family room: Make sure that whatever you do with your parking space allows you to happy. As previously stated, shabby chic is what you create of computer. Carefully chose whatever pieces you would like inside your space, and take it following that. Shabby chic is “shabby” because most of the pieces are worn in and cozy, and “chic” in that they still all somehow look great together.