Antique Chandeliers or Shabby Chic Chandeliers?

Antique Chandeliers or Shabby Chic Chandeliers?

Since my interest in chandeliers started I have learned rather a lot about the subject. Like most things the older the chandelier the harder valuable it can be – provided needless to say it is in relatively excellent. The problem with antique chandeliers is always that prior to you certain era they are being worthless.

The original antiques were wooden crosses with spikes on them that held burning candles. Now I wouldn’t pay much for such an item but I am certain that you’ll find curators of museums and stuff like that who would have an desire for them.

For me antique chandeliers don’t hold much interest if not converted for electricity they are impractical. From candles on wooden crosses chandeliers advanced to gasoliers after which finally to electric lights.

I certainly such as the look of the old wrought iron chandeliers plus they will have a fascination regarding history but because a chandelier consumes a good deal of rooms space I want them to get practical and also aesthetic.

No doubt you’ll find collectors of antique chandeliers that will spend time and funds sourcing them. The scouring for such objects have to be a gratifying activity and I would like to contain the time and money to get one of these eccentric type collectors but other priorities call.

Buying an authentic antique chandelier may result in irreplaceable pieces being missing or the piece being in a poor state of disrepair. Restoration and replacing of parts is exorbitantly expensive for me.

To me scouting around for antique chandeliers is limited to newer chandeliers which might be using the antique style. They are less costly and more easily obtainable and naturally work when I turn the switch on.

A quick look on Google under “antique road show” also reveals very few of the antique chandeliers springing up for appraisal – in reality only two, one ofthese was valued at $6,000.00 and also the other for less than $500.00.

Does this mean that there aren’t many around or there is absolutely no interest? I am not sure.

It could imply that they are not easily transportable as dismantling and re-assembling something having a quantity of crystal decorations and or bulbs could well be a time-consuming task, with the possibility to break hard to replace parts.

If you might be after an actual antique chandelier I believe you will have to do some extensive research (and many walking) to find what exactly you’re after.

If alternatively you would like something that looks (but is not necessarily) old, the Internet has a quantity of online vendors who have fantastic chandeliers to accommodate everyone’s taste and budget.

They might not be antique chandeliers nonetheless they will be the part.