Best 5 Shabby Chic Decor Tips

Best 5 Shabby Chic Decor Tips

Ready to bring all the charm of the vintage, country cottage to your own home? Take note of and apply these five tips you may have a lovely shabby chic home right away!

1. FurnitureSolid wood furniture is well suited for shabby chic decor. Painted furniture pieces may also compliment a space nicely. Basically, you want to utilize simple furniture that is certainly less decorative or ornate like the furniture you will probably find in a home having a more formal interior design. If you have antiques, make use of them! They make great accents. Some popular antiques commonly used of these chic and shabby homes are pie safes, kitchen queens, and jelly cupboards.

2. ColorsAs far as colors are involved, you simply can’t make a mistake with pastels. Using pastel colors together with whites and off-whites is incredibly common in shabby chic decorating. Painted walls along with patterned wallpapers may also be a great way to bring out that country cottage home feel.

3. FlooringOften overlooked inside grand scheme of the particular sort of design will be the floor. The most popular floor styles just for this form of decor are probably natural wood or ceramic tile. However, painted patterns as well as diamond or checkered design schemes also can work well. If you decide to paint your floors with your own design, be sure you give a coat of varnish at the top to protect it.

4. FabricsThe best fabrics for shabby chic design should incorporate floral patterns, stripes, and checks. Using these fabrics might help pull together the distinct look on this charming and unique style.

5. Be CreativeAlthough the suggestions here may help nudge you within the right direction, it is of the utmost importance that you simply allow creative license to combine and match and experiment. There are no real rules in shabby chic design, only guidelines. So don’t be afraid to have creative, not to mention, have a great time!