Comforters and Duvets in Shabby Chic Bedding

Comforters and Duvets in Shabby Chic Bedding

Shabby chic is a decorating style that has been around for many years. It is a way of adding subtle sophistication and a romantic touch to any bedroom, without being too bold or garish. In recent years, shabby chic has become very popular in the US, particularly in the South and Northeast. Those who embrace this style are looking for comfort and soft lines, with a romantic undertone. The bedding is the first feature that come to mind when you think of this decorating style, and pink bedding is a popular choice.

The most popular bed linens in shabby chic bedrooms are Victorian inspired comforters in shades of pink, with occasional pastels and other prints. If you don’t have a Victorian comforter or a shabby chic comforter, you can still create a romantic, French country look with a wide variety of fabrics and colors, from silks to brocades. You can coordinate your comforter and bedding with your existing bedding colors and patterns but feel free to experiment with different textures, materials and colors.

The next item of shabby chic bedding is the quilt. Quilts have been around for centuries, and they are a great investment because they can be passed down through several generations. Because of this, you may find some quilts that are quite antique. A well-made quilt will be one of the most beautiful objects in your home, and it can also be an important keepsake. There is no shortage of quilt styles in shabby chic, so you can choose from single layer, layered, or even antique-looking quilts.

Another essential in the bedroom of a shabby chic boudoir is the comforter itself. Comforters come in many types, colors and fabrics. Some are made from the softest and most luxurious fabrics, while others are the thinnest and least luxurious. When you are choosing your comforter, you can choose pink or brown, or you might want to go with a solid color like white.

As mentioned above, there are many shabby chic comforters available today. One of the most popular comforter sets is a pink duvet cover and pink quilt. The comforter set comes together with a pink shabby chic Ottoman and pink valance. The shabby chic coordinating throw pillow is pink, as is the shabby chic coordinating comforter. This is a great shabby chic and vintage-themed ensemble that will bring a unique touch to your bedroom. There are other comforter sets available; you just have to look!

If you are looking for a more authentic look, you might also consider a comforter set in a lighter shade of pink such as peach, lilac or white. In fact, some duvets are available in only one shade of pink (say, pink/beige), and other comforters can be found in several shades. A popular trend in shabby chic comforter and duvet covers is to use an all white duvet or cover in the middle of the bedroom, and then decorate the walls (including hanging tapestries or photos) in pastel pink. Pink polka dots would look great on a white quilt and so would polka dots on a pink comforter. Another option is to use a polka dot fabric on the walls but to use pink window treatments such as curtains or valances.

Your shabby chic bedroom will really kick off in the form of your comforter and duvet. You do not have to follow any trends; in fact, you can find many different textures, fabrics, patterns and colors for every comforter and duvet set you see. A comforter set featuring an array of pink and beige textures will look fabulous in a pink bedroom, but if you want to go with a pattern that is more gender neutral, choose one in black, gray or brown. The possibilities are endless.

If you really want to go for the shabby chic look in your bedroom, you could always use two coordinating pillowcases with polka dot designs for the headboard and the footboard. You could also place two coordinating throw pillows on either side of your head. Comforters set in rich, luxurious cream or chocolate tones, along with shabby chic curtains in hues like pink and beige, create a very elegant look in a room decorated in this fashion. And remember, it’s not just the comforter and duvet sets that you need to consider, but also the blankets, pillows and accent pieces.