Cottage Style Decorating Is Super Easy

Cottage Style Decorating Is Super Easy

Cottage style decorating is one of the most fun styles to tackle as it’s difficult to get it wrong!

There are Cottage Style magazines about the rack your local book store which are wonderful sources for ideas and photos you could clip, save and rehearse being a reference when shopping for the elements you would like to add since your project progresses.

Green is a fantastic selection for your basic color since being in the household of neutrals, any accent colors where you will use by it will coordinate beautifully.

I love the appearance of various yellow tones in a very cottage style room because the secondary color (in pillows, tie backs, fruit bowls, etc) and then splashes of other pastels in flower arrangements, paintings and the like. Colors in varied shades of pink, blue and lavender are soothing yet very uplifting.

Keeping accent colors in pastel shades will keep your room lighter, brighter and much more cheery. They will also permit the attractiveness of the dark wood to be a focal point.

I deeply love thinking about airy, flowing sheer curtains. Consider “pooling” them on the floor rather than hemming to wood work height. This will increase the cottage feel of a room design.

With white walls as well as your desire to use slip covers over existing furniture. Consider using white with your slip covers as well as on the walls. By doing that, the many other wonderful belongings you used in the bedroom can become more widespread.

Texture can be important so consider varying textures with your throw pillows, valences, tie backs and smaller carpets.

Large wrought iron pieces that have been painted then slightly sanded to mimic wear put in a detailed look for the wall, just like ornate mirrors which you have done a similar treatment to.

Adding garden elements seems an all natural choice too. Ancient looking statuary has become obtainable in many home and garden center or search on line. Internet auction sites are also a great source for garden art that will look fabulous in your living area. But besides garden art, think about using huge corbels (also antique dealer find), hang them about the wall then rely on them as plate or plant holders. Large wooden finials may also be a wonderful element which is fun to use as table decor. Place on top of a collection of books over a coffee table.

Stenciling may become a good way to add floral patterns to both walls, occasional furniture and pillows or rugs. Simply go with a floral stencil design that you just feel will add that pretty “garden” look for your living space. Apply it around your custom light fixtures, on plain rugs and pillows to coordinate your style of the area. The cool thing about stencils is you could do them in almost any color you choose.

You are going to have such fun using this type of project. For further ideas, try a search for “Cottage Style Decorating” about the internet. There are so many wonderful sites that are chocked filled with great ideas which you will find interesting.