Create the Perfect Shabby Chic Kitchen With Some Wonderful Looking Shabby Chic Shelves

Create the Perfect Shabby Chic Kitchen With Some Wonderful Looking Shabby Chic Shelves

Whilst certainly not a fresh look, shabby chic kitchens are now the most popular kitchen styles, especially in country or period properties. To create the right kitchen in this style, you need to look at the walls and floors as well as the furniture, including such pieces as shabby chic shelves.

Walls are likely to be best painted in white or off-white to increase the volume of light. You could even try painting a pattern of wide pastel and white stripes. If wallpaper is more in your taste, a muted floral pattern work best. Floor boards should be plain wood or painted white, or as a substitute you can take advantage of rustic tiles. If you can not stretch to replacing the flooring then simply add a lot of kitchen mats or rugs in muted pink, blue, green, or floral designs.

The right choice of shabby chic shelves will also assist you to create your perfect shabby chic kitchen. For those of you with a creative streak you might make your individual shelves. There are a number of ways that you could approach it, easy and simple option is to get old shelves that you want the design and style of although not the colour. Mix white emulsion with water, half and half for the light coverage along with a third of water to two thirds of paint for a heavier coverage. Paint the shelves leave to dry for 24 hours, then use sandpaper to sand down areas to assist produce a shabby chic look.

If you feel more adventurous, you may make your shelves from scratch. We have seen an illustration of this some amazing shabby chic shelves, made from cotton reels and old pottery boards. Simply glue together old fashioned wooden cotton reels to generate the supports, paint and sand the crooks to allow them to have a great distressed look then utilize the old pottery boards (or any distressed looking boards that one could find) for your shelves.

For many people creating your own personal shelves and furniture may looks like too daunting an activity, and luckily finally, there are many items on the market which might be developed to capture the distressed, worn look.

Think timeless elegance, make use of big solid components of furniture that have that worn, distressed look. Pay particular focus on any hardware for the furniture, you ought to try and have glass or vintage ceramic knobs that may look more authentic. You want pieces that have an inviting, warm feel in their mind, capturing the grace and style of the bygone era.

Once you will find the bigger home furniture, you simply must select your shabby chic shelves. Remember, the piece of furniture and shelves need not match, you just need to generate sure they are closely related in colour (usually whites, creams, or any other pastels). You also need to find the goods that you add on them with great care to create sure that you truly capture the correct style. You should look at the colours and textures of the items. Make use of old battered recipe books, white china, old travel alarms, victorian chamber pots, candle votives, early spice racks, sepia framed photos, imperial kitchen scales, not to mention lots and lots of fresh flowers.

Have fun and mix items together in your shabby chic shelves to build a great look, whilst making it appear like an effortless arrangement. Try and be understated, you do not need to have each item distressed, miss-matched or floral. Make sure that your own personal personality is reflected with your perfect shabby chic kitchen and it’ll be a place that is certainly uniquely you.