Decorating With a Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath

Decorating With a Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath

It is often the case that people who want to bring a bit of shabby chic decor into their homes often overlook one of the simplest ways of doing so. This could be putting up some old Christmas ornaments in a wreath holder. It is such a simple concept but it has such a classic charm that it never fails to be a hit. Here are just some ideas for shabby chic decorating with Christmas wreaths.

First of all you can buy some beautiful wreaths from yard sales or estate sales. Or, if you are feeling particularly brave, you can just get some in the store. Just remember to take your time and to think carefully about the look you are going for. Many people these days choose to go for the traditional look of an old fashioned wreath holder with a star on top. This looks very romantic and it certainly makes the house look like it was decorated just for her. In fact, many men really like the look of this type of Christmas wreath – and they are not ashamed to admit it!

There are some lovely choices available for Christmas wreaths this year. Some people like to go for the more traditional green and white theme that goes well with all kinds of decor. If you do want to try something different then why not go for a pink or red wreath holder? These will look great in the bedroom or even the bathroom – depending on how you decorate your other rooms.

You can also buy a wide variety of different types of wreaths in different shapes. If you are thinking of getting something shaped like a pine tree, then you will find a huge selection to choose from. These are ideal for lovers of nature. A wreath shaped like a golden pine bough is just the thing to bring a nice sunny feel to your room during the winter months – and it looks very pretty in any room of the house!

Of course, there are all sorts of different Christmas wreaths out there. You could choose something that looks very old fashioned – or you could go for a more contemporary wreath. In fact, there are some beautiful contemporary wreaths available as well which will look great in a modernist decor space. If you have a shabby chic style bedroom then you should really consider getting one of these wreaths to set the mood in the room.

Just like any other Christmas decoration, you can buy your wreath in many different sizes. You can get small, thin ones that hang just by themselves. Or, you could get ones that are a bit larger and that you hang on the door – or even around the door frame. It really depends on how much time you want to spend dressing the wreath up. And of course, if you do dress it up – like I often do – it will look even better when it’s raining!

If you have an existing shabby chic theme in your home then dressing the wreath up doesn’t need to be a big job. For example, if your existing decor has lace on the curtains then you can simply hang the lace Christmas wreath on the side or the ceiling. If your living room is all wood and you have a tablecloth with an embroidered design on it then you can easily drape the wreath over the table. Again, it’s up to you what sort of effect you want to achieve – whether you choose an old-fashioned rose-bud look or a more contemporary silver and black look.

If you are looking for ideas on how to hang a Christmas wreath, I would suggest looking online. There are many different sites that sell beautiful Christmas decor items and you will find a perfect Christmas wreath quick and easy. Just spend a few minutes browsing the sites until you find something that strikes your imagination. Decorating a Christmas wreath is really easy and it adds an extra touch of decor to your home. So make this year’s Christmas the best ever by decorating your house in a shabby chic style. You will be surprised at how good it looks and everyone will be asking you where you got such great stuff.