Decorating Your Kitchen in Shabby Chic Style

Decorating Your Kitchen in Shabby Chic Style

You can create your own shabby chic kitchen wall decor using vintage photos. Shabby Kitchens are the homes of memories. Many people spend hours searching old photographs that capture the warm and charming atmosphere of shabby chic. In fact, you may find that you get more satisfaction out of creating your own home decor than you would from a kit. You can use photos of your family or friends or landscapes that you have taken and enhance them with your own style.

A beautiful Shabby chic kitchen wall decor can also be created from scratch using items that you currently own. For instance, if you have a baby grand piano and you purchased it just a year ago, you can use that money to purchase beautiful wall art that matches the color of the room. You can either have a framed piece of art that is the same size as the piano (use the dimensions given on the box) or you can find other pieces of wall art that are the same size or smaller.

A Shabby chic kitchen wall decor can also be enhanced by hanging wall medallions. These wall medallions can be made from pieces of pewter, copper, wood, glass, or any other material. You can purchase a ready made wall medallion from your craft store or make your own. You can choose to add a picture frame to the medallions, paint it in the color of your choice and hang it on the wall.

Other items that you can incorporate into your shabby chic kitchen wall decor pictures. You can find pictures at thrift stores, flea markets and at garage sales. There are many different types of pictures that can help to enhance your Shabby chic theme. You can frame one picture in the front of the other or you can use several pictures to create a collage effect. To save money on buying pictures, you can create them yourself with the use of picture frames and stencils.

You can also get creative when you are choosing Shabby chic wall decor for your laundry room. To decorate your laundry room in a Shabby chic theme, you can paint the walls in a pastel color. You can accent the walls with shelves, hooks and other items that you find in an old dresser. You can even incorporate an old washing machine into your theme by finding a model that has a door on the front and a front face that are white with black strips painted on the inside.

For a more modern look, you can find various Shabby chic wall decor online. You can take any wall decor that you find online and adapt it to fit your interior design needs. Be sure that you are getting ready-made sample paint colors and stencils so that you know what your new interior design will look like before you begin. You will also want to make sure that the wall hangings that you choose will match the decor in your washroom. If you choose a bold shabby chic wall decor piece, then you will want to coordinate your curtains and rugs with that same decor.

In addition to using bold and bright colors to paint the walls in your kitchen and living room, you can also choose to go with a more neutral wall color scheme decor. If you choose to go with a very shabby chic wall color scheme, then you can compliment that with various wall accents in a variety of shades. You can use a wallpaper border that matches the color of your wall paint or you can use a rug that has the same hue as your paint. The possibilities are endless. When you are choosing Shabby chic accessories to accent your interior design, be sure that they coordinate well with your current wall color scheme and that they do not overpower your space.

Finally, remember that shabby chic wall decor is also very easy to decorate around. You can hang various items on the wall such as an old-fashioned mirror that you find at an antique store or even a crystal bird or flowers. You can also hang vintage signs that display your favorite antique or country charm, and you can even use some of your children’s knickknacks to decorate the various rooms in your home! This is a fun and unique style of interior design for anyone who wants to create an inviting and comforting atmosphere.