Elegant Shabby Chic Decor

Elegant Shabby Chic Decor

Elegant Shabby Chic Decor is the perfect combination of vintage charm and updated fashion; a true classic! It combines the charming “old style” of shabby chic with the contemporary “new style” of interior decor. The combination is elegant, cozy, yet romantic. This style comes from France, where it has been a family tradition for generations. With the trend towards shabby chic, it is not only a popular design choice, but also an easy one to combine and apply. Elegant Shabby Chic Decor is the perfect answer if you want your bedroom to have that timeless elegance.

Elegant Shabby Chic Decor

Here are some Elegant Shabby Chic decor bedroom ideas that will help get you started. Create the romance in your bedroom with a French Country look. With this French Country look, you will want to create a cozy, romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Warm colors, antique furniture, and rich lighting add to the look and feel of France. For a romantic look, add lace, rugs, or floral accents.

The shabby chic look is all about layers of fabric, textures, and colors. With shabby chic decor, use chenille, linen, and chenille lace as fabrics, and use a little French Country lace as curtains or as a throw over a chair. You can even find chenille items such as clocks, comforters, and hair accessories to pull the whole look together.

To really make your shabby chic decor sing, add in some vintage accessories. Antique boxes, crystal decanters, and China hangers with French country accents are just a few of the items you can find. If you are unsure of how to accessorize your shabby chic style, ask a friend or family member for help. You can even turn to the Internet for many ideas on French Country accessories.

The walls in a shabby chic home are essential. They must be painted in an earth color, otherwise your room will appear to be too light. Use an antique rug to bring in some history and culture into your space. You can find these rugs online or at a furniture store. Decorate with pictures of flowers, landscapes, or other beautiful scenes, and you are on your way to creating a beautiful shabby chic sanctuary.

When it comes to lighting, you must be careful not to overdo it. Shabby chic homes often have very soft lights that give everything a soft warm glow. However, you don’t want the room to be so dark that it is overwhelming. To create the perfect shabby chic lighting effect, use sconces on either side of a mirror on your wall. Place candles on candle holders that match your decor and use lamps with a wooden or metal shade.

Don’t forget to add a few French touches to your bedroom! You can use old lace curtains, antique throws, and even tapestries to add a touch of France to your bedroom. Tapestries can look great framed behind mirrors. You can also find great shabby chic throws, such as rugs, that will go well with the French Country theme.

To really bring your elegant, shabby chic decor to life, throw a chandelier into the room. Chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Look for one that is made of metal, which will reflect light beautifully. If you are looking to add a more modern touch to your decor, choose one that is made from wire and has a sleek design. With these few tips, you will be able to create a lovely and stylish space in any room in your home.

Shabby cabinets are a must in any French shabby chic home. These come in all shapes and sizes and it is easy to find one that will match your current decor perfectly. Look for one with an old look, so that it still has a bit of character. A few ideas for color are white, black, and red. Choose one that is lined and has beautiful details, so that it is an easy addition to your existing decor.

If you want to add a bit of texture to your French shabby chic furniture, place a few pieces of fabric on top of your sofa or chair. This will help the piece has a soft and worn appearance. Adding some throws will complete the look.

These are just a few suggestions for putting together a lovely and charming French shabby chic decor. The key to this type of decor is to keep it simple, yet elegant. Use fabrics that are rich and inviting, such as velvet or chiffon, and choose furniture with a worn or distressed look. Add wonderful accents, such as floral arrangements, fresh flowers, or rugs, and you will have a great look that will be unique and stay with you for years to come.