How to Give Furniture That Shabby Chic Look

How to Give Furniture That Shabby Chic Look

For those that need to create the shabby chic look there are a few key things to remember. First off. Stick to a pastel color selection. Don’t use many different colors, but choose 1 or at the most 2 soft colors. Pastel blue, pink, green and yellow are normal colors as well as whites and creams. If you are looking to accomplish this as quick as is possible, then this can of white spray paint will transform your item of furniture in just hours.

Very popular with this style of furniture is aging it, or the “distressed” look. Here are a few simple steps to accomplish this look.

* Remove fixtures and fittings whenever possible, this certainly will include parts that may be effected by water or paint.

* Wash them with soapy water.

* Remove the “hardware” such as hinges, handles etc which have a modern day turn to them.

* Carefully sand on the furniture when preparing to the first coat of paint.

* This base coat should be in a very contrasting color for your top color. IE should you be finishing the item in white, it would be a good idea to utilize black or even a light blue as the base coat.

* All the first coat (the beds base coat) to completely dry and then lightly sand the piece of furniture again to present another coat a key

* Paint the most notable color now. If the bottom coat is dark you’ll most likely need to apply several coats, but make sure you allow each coat to dry completely and after that sand lightly.

* Now comes the fun part! Aggressively sand small areas of the furnishings like the corners. Then sand small portions of the surfaces in order to expose small servings of the base color. This will give the item of furniture a distressed, worn look.

* Finally replace the removed hardware (hinges handles etc) with glass versions or rusted versions.

If country living isn’t your thing, understand that a properly placed shabby chic item mixed into a contemporary or formal room can also add some surprise as well as a welcoming feel to your home.