How To Incorporate Shabby Chic Furniture Into Your Home

How To Incorporate Shabby Chic Furniture Into Your Home

If you’re already acquainted with the shabby chic furniture look you happen to be probably already in front of where I was when considered one of my girlfriends recently announced she was looking for the distressed try her bedroom. I wasn’t entirely impressed. I thought the distressed look meant not making the bed and creating piles of chaos to present the impression of being inside a frantic hurry. I mastered that are in years past.

But she carefully taught me that the distressed look is perhaps all regarding getting back in beautiful shabby chic furniture including mirrors, dressing tables, a bed and wardrobes (armoires as they’re described within the world of French furniture).

It only took a brief glance at the finished room for me to realise what exactly a wonderful look it is. As I stepped into the room I was no more inside a suburban house in Middlesex, but was now in Provence. As soon as I saw the French furniture it became abundantly clear that shabby chic furniture is a wonderful style that’s both increasingly simple to realize, and tremendously evocative.

From the crisp white linen on the bed for the cream coloured French mirrors using a distressed edging, and through the shabby chic wardrobe for the French style cushions on the chaise longue the room had suddenly been transformed from run-of-the-mill ordinary to stylish, chic along with a real escape in the stresses during the day. In a way it seemed ironic that this best method to de-stress was to have distressed furniture.

Having witnessed the transformation I started looking about for other types of shabby chic furniture and exactly how it can be employed in different rooms in your home. I briefly wondered whether I could reach the look myself, seeing them do it on various programmes on tv. They make it look easy, painting an item of furniture, then painting a cream coat over it, then sanding it roughly in key places to present it the aged look.

Not only should it seem a little hit-and-miss until you truly know what you are doing, just about all looks incredibly time consuming. Then needless to say there’s the fact that you cannot create a realistic distressed look on furniture you obtained in, say, 1983. It has to contain the right look, and French furniture is the one right look that appears to carry over shabby chic furniture look successfully.

It’s possible show them the shabby chic view in nearly all room of the house, from dining furniture, with a beautiful distressed table and chairs set (do not forget the mirrors plus a classic French chandelier to finish the design), towards the hallway which you could introduce items including a hanger and wall storage unit.

In fact, there is not any reasons why shabby chic furniture can’t work outside also. With a garden table and chairs all that is needed a pot of French lavender pervading mid-air while using evocative scent of your cottage garden and you also might almost expect you’ll understand the an onion seller cycling in the garden path having a baguette under his arm.