How To Introduce Shabby Chic Furniture Into Your Home

How To Introduce Shabby Chic Furniture Into Your Home

Shabby chic furniture has been popular for countless years, harking returning to the original French villas and chateaux, but until fairly recently there was really only two solutions to accomplish the shabby chic look. Either own a French chateau filled with furniture which goes no less than a couple of millennium, or purchase reasonably new furniture and distress it yourself.

This process was certainly quicker and simpler, but quick and easy are relative terms, and achieving the shabby chic look still required applying multiple layers of paint, rubbing them down with sandpaper in key areas, painting again, sanding, painting, sanding – you obtain the image. It was one particular looks everyone wanted, and after certain TV shows demonstrated how it could be achieved a great many people a go, with often somewhat disappointing results.

However today very good in the look has ended in this brand of furniture now being offered to acquire new from exclusive, designer furniture retailers. This means that the first time it’s now possible to achieve one with the most stylish, elegant and romantic looks, without having to do more than lift a finger, and then drop it on the mouse button to buy an entire selection of shabby chic furniture.

There’s no doubt that even though look works in nearly every room at home, the bedroom remains one with the most popular ways for most of the people seeking to inject a little in the French countryside and charm within their private space. Bedrooms reflect the smoothness and type with the person whose home it really is, and it is one with the few rooms at home which you could go about doing what you want.

Your guests will usually expect living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms being reasonably traditional, but also in the sack it is possible to check out town, indulging yourself in the style you want. The shabby chic style adds much on the feel of your bedroom, helping lots of people feel they are able to relax better, and get up feeling happier, more refreshed and much more positive. It’s not just a layout, it’s a whole way of enjoying your bedroom.

If under consideration purchasing shabby chic bedroom furniture it’s worth bearing a couple of things in your mind. First of all, the full principle of the look involves establishing the impression old. Although the furniture is chic and classy, it must also look aged, and naturally distressed. That’s not quite the contradiction it could seem since much from the chic French bedroom furniture on the market today takes as its inspiration the Rococo period, which has been introduced during Louis XV. Some styles never walk out of fashion – just ask the Romans!

So when selecting shabby chic furniture, be sure that accessories you get, including cushions, ornaments, curtains photos are all classic French in style, rather than contrasting however you like, because prone to detract from your overall impression you will end up planning to achieve with your shabby chic furniture.