How to Restore Shabby Chic Furniture

How to Restore Shabby Chic Furniture

White shabby chic furniture is a great way to give a home a worn-out, country look. This style is also very popular in the UK, where it originated. The idea of using white furniture is that you can still get the rustic country look while keeping with a modern, minimalist style. This is done by using aged wood that has been stained white. One great thing about this style of furniture is that it is very versatile, so you can use it in just about any room in the house. Here are some tips for applying the look in your own home.

How to Restore Shabby Chic Furniture

Using stencils to create stenciled elements on furniture is an easy way to create the shabby chic look. You can buy stencils at craft stores or online. You can start out with just a few simple elements and once you have mastered the art of putting them together, you can add more. You can paint the items you plan to stencil with a pale white paint, as this will help give the piece the worn and scratched look. Sand paper is then used to protect the painted areas from scratches.

When painting your furniture, make sure that you only put on enough paint so that the whole surface is covered. This is very important, as excess paint can make your shabby furniture appear cracked or chipped. Once the entire piece is painted, you should then use a very fine grade of wax to seal the piece. It may also be beneficial to sand down the surface a bit, so that there is a higher gloss to the furniture.

Although it may take some extra time and effort, applying shabby chic wax is a great way to achieve the long lasting protection of this style of furniture. When choosing wax, it is a good idea to go with something that is made specifically for the outdoors, as they often have better properties and are less likely to chip or crack. If you choose to purchase pre-made waxes, then remember to always apply them in an area where there is no water or dampness present.

Before applying the wax, it is important to brush your furniture thoroughly with a soft bristled brush to remove any dust or dirt that may be present. The wax should then be added to a spray bottle so that you can spray it onto the pieces. It is important to allow the wax to dry completely before using. If you use shabby chic furniture indoors, then it is important to remember to turn the furniture around every couple of days to ensure that the wax has dried properly.

If you are looking to create the shabby chic furniture paint look, then you will definitely want to use a white pigment. A common option is white lead pencil, which gives the wood a distressed look without being overly dark. Another popular option is wax crayons, which create a very soft and subtle effect that gives the wood a distressed look but does not have the intense dark tone that you may be looking for.

If you do decide to purchase pre-made furniture paint, then be aware that you may need to apply a stain to the piece before using the wax. When applying the stain, use the same application methods as you would if you were applying wax. You should begin by applying a very thin layer over the surface of the piece and then wiping it away with the rag. The color should start to appear just as the distressed look in the picture, which is when you would use the wax. Finally, you may want to buff the wood to get rid of any final blemishes and leave it looking smooth and shiny.

Shabby chic furniture can also benefit from some basic finishing techniques that will help bring out the natural beauty and give your piece the long lasting protection that is so necessary. You should always work with a latex paint that is specifically designed for the leather and wood surfaces that you are applying it to. Do not forget to allow plenty of drying time between coats, and use only even coats. Apply the wax with a brush, and apply it in even motions so that the first coat is even with the topmost layer of sand paper. Lastly, buff the leather and wood with a clean cloth and enjoy your beautiful Shabby chic furniture!