How To Save Time With Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

How To Save Time With Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

If, very first thing in the morning, you usually look a little less chic than shabby, then you will want to get some good shabby chic furniture to aid? Actually, such furniture won’t help you wake fully coiffeured and ready for that smart aspects of town, nonetheless it will make you get up feeling that you’re going back to a cheerful place.

Shabby chic can be a style which has been hugely popular for some time while, but which includes rapidly gained in popularity during the last several years, largely because of more retailers selling such furniture. Years ago really the only supply of such furniture would have been to make the look yourself, that was often very time intensive, and never always terribly successful.

First of all of the furniture has to become chic and classy. If the design of the furniture is too modern, too fancy, too old or too bland then whatever you try to do with it, it’s unlikely to ever look chic. Shabby, yes. Chic, unlikely.

But if you’ve been able to dig up a great piece of furniture then a technique involved painting it, say gold, green or brown, and then letting the paint dry before painting it again in a very totally contrasting colour for example white or cream. Because you were painting a pale colour more than a darker one it absolutely was often essential to add two or three coats.

When the paint had dried the following task involved finding a sheet of sandpaper and artistically sanding key areas, including corners, edges and raised details, being those elements of the furnishings which could are already most worn or knocked over time. By sanding the top layers of paint away to reveal large underneath you may develop a shabby chic look that quickly created a nice piece of furniture seem like a well used item that has been passed the generations as being a valuable heirloom.

It was a technique often used on TV, however in actual it absolutely was messy, very time-consuming, and didn’t always exercise successfully. Today one can possibly purchase a whole selection of very stylish shabby chic bedroom accessories, including shabby chic beds, mirrors, wardrobes, armoires and dressing tables, and by adding a number of well chosen accessories for example scatter cushions, throws, vases, lamps and curtains, a really stylish look can be carried out.

Lighting is vital naturally, plus a subtle yet beautiful French chandelier works beautifully well in a shabby chic room, providing a place that suggests an ageless fashion sense. It’s very similar to a classic French ch?teau or French farm cottage, and something can’t help but suspect that using a bedroom up with shabby chic furniture, somehow the scene through the window need to magically transform from Milton Keynes on a rainy Tuesday morning for the verdant rolling vineyards from the Lore Valley over a warm summer’s day. Probably a Sunday. It’s always a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Loire Valley.

So by choosing a few key pieces of shabby chic furniture you can’t only escape a lot of time, however, you can stop it completely, at least unless you open the curtains.