How To Style A Room With Shabby Chic Furniture

How To Style A Room With Shabby Chic Furniture

It can be easily considered that shabby chic furniture is something of the oxymoron, since furniture that is chic is usually not considered to be just like furniture that’s shabby. Chic often implies elegance and class, whilst shabby may suggest, well, shabby really.

But more than ever before before such furniture is something numerous people would like to introduce into our refurbished and redesigned rooms as a way to help build a truly stylish room full of character and magnificence.

When most people think about the notion of shabby chic furniture it is likely to largely be French furniture that’s perceived and purchased. But in fact this concept started in Britain, not France. The phrase ‘shabby chic’ was coined inside the 80s, since when it’s got grown massively in popularity, and is today a layout of interior decor and furnishing which suits rooms of virtually any size. Living rooms big enough to host a reasonably entertaining second division football match can easily carry the shabby chic look very well, but then so can small, modestly sized rooms, bedrooms and also bathrooms.

Today one of the reasons why many people consider shabby chic furniture to become related to French furniture is because of the charm, style, elegance and character with the traditional French chateaux. The reason that shabby chic furniture works so well is simply because it means a sense of classic styling, equally as many older stately homes had loads of expensive and beautifully-designed and constructed furniture which have often been passed through the generations.

The undeniable fact that this old furniture had become somewhat worn, and maybe shabby, certainly not detracted in the essence of quality which was unmistakable. The shabby chic furniture on the market today might possibly not have been passed down through generations nor considerably much older than your cell phone, but nevertheless achieves exactly the same effect extremely well. And at one minute fraction from the price that genuine antique furniture is prone to sell for.

Although this sort of furniture is accessible in a variety of colours, styles and wood effects, those looking for French furniture will almost inevitably find themselves acquiring pieces of furniture and furnishings that happen to be white, cream and decorated with a little gold. These are classic colours that happen to be suited perfectly to some great deal of rooms.

Shabby chic furniture and French furniture works brilliantly within the bedroom when done right, setting up a calming, elegant and intensely stylish look relatively easily. By combining a few choice items of French furniture say for example a bed, armoire as well as perhaps a dressing table with traditional French items such as large, ornate mirrors, chandeliers and suitable bedding, cushions and curtains it is possible to completely transform a bedroom for the relatively modest budget.

But here’s the rub. Because it is all to easy to increase the risk for mistake of centering on the term ‘shabby’ as opposed to on both the words ‘shabby’ and ‘chic’ together. Shabby furniture that is cheap, knocked about and also relatively sub-standard will surely add something for the room, but hardly what you’re looking for. Today were fortunate to get able to enjoy a wide array of shabby chic furniture and French furniture available online, assisting to inject something from the classic French chateaux into our personal homes.