Living Room Decor Styles – How to Create a Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Living Room Decor Styles – How to Create a Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Before getting in the specifics of this fabulous coffee table that you will be planning to create, some people on the market may choose to know: what exactly ‘shabby chic’ means?

Well, oahu is the term used to describe a layout of decor that entered Great Britain, the good name for that was coined inside 1980s. It was inspired from the furnishings of grand old manor houses whose worn, faded furniture and old paintwork had seen better days, and yet, because individual items were originally beautiful pieces in themselves, the entire design scheme still oozed elegance. So, shabby chic is simply a method of making your decor look worn deliberately.

Pieces of furniture are fully painted with several layers of paint and then scuffed or purposely sanded. This reveals the bottom layers of paint as well as the raw wood beneath giving the impression of normal wear. Fine linen fabric can often be utilized in this design scheme, with plenty of pastel colours which are bought worn or purposely bleached. White fabric is frequently used which is stained with tea to make it look old. The point is to acquire elegant home furniture then to distress these phones make sure they are appear old.

So, how would you build your own shabby chic coffee table? The first step is to visit flea markets, car boot sales, rummage sales and junk yards for inspiration. You need to discover a low-cost coffee table which fits the design of your selected room. Make sure you know very well what size space you have, or whether it ought to be to experience a magazine shelf, or whether you are just likely to produce a smaller occasional table. The goal is always to revive a great old coffee table to a different amount of shabby chic sophistication as opposed to getting a cheap, poorly made modern piece of furniture.

Once you might have chosen your table, you need to lightly sand its surface which means that your new paint is going to take. Once the table is sanded, you can elect to glue on decorative wooden trims to help you develop a more elaborate design. It is better to make use of an eggshell paint that can be wiped clean, with a water-based white acrylic undercoat. The water based paints are easier to clear afterwards while you just need soapy water, rather than white spirit. You could apply the paint which has a roller or a natural bristle paint brush. As always, paint in the direction of the wood’s grain and try to utilize complete strokes from edge to edge. Typical shabby chic paint colours include muted blues, greens and shades of white.

Depending on how seriously you are likely to distress the paintwork, and about how much wear you expect the coffee table to deal with, we recommend that you apply two coats of undercoat. You might not want to spend very much time about the project, but we assure you that undercoat paint reaches least forty per cent less than eggshell paint, so using numerous white undercoat means you will need a reduced amount of the expensive eggshell paint as it lightens the wood quickly.

At now comes the ‘shabby’: try taking a little fine grain sandpaper and gently wear away your beautiful new paint over the corners and edges and add scuffs on the legs or top and somewhere else you would expect to see wear. There you’ve got it; your very own shabby chic coffee table worthy of the most effective furniture catalogues.