Living Room Ideas For Shabby Chic

Living Room Ideas For Shabby Chic

Living Room Ideas For Shabby Chic

If you are looking for some great shabby chic living room ideas, then you have come to the right place. The great thing about shabby chic decor is that it is just as charming today as it was decades ago. However, this doesn’t mean that everything in your house should be antique or old looking – far from it. You should aim to create a stylish, romantic and homely environment that still has all the flair of a modern home. Here are some great shabby chic living room ideas that will make your interior look like something out of a magazine:

Cottage, country, French style: Cottage is a very traditional style that is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of countryside to their homes. The shabby look is all about gently worn wood, floral accents and a very warm atmosphere. You can achieve this by adding old furniture that has been well-loved and cared for – or simply by keeping a few vintage lace accents in fashion, or distressed so that they look very old. To complete the look, consider a few French style curtains.

Country, French style: Country is a very romantic style and perfect if you love nature and the outdoors. It can also suit those who like to spend time in the garden or in the countryside. A lot of country cottages have windows that are paneled with leaded glass, which creates a lovely romantic atmosphere. You can use an old country quilt as a throw on your sofa or as a runner across the floor. Or you could hang a picture of your significant other on the wall and choose an area rug to bring in the colour.

French style: As the name would suggest, French shabby chic living room ideas are all about French style. This is because the vast majority of the interior design styles used in France are quite informal and personal, and the style of their furniture reflects this. Soft floral prints are popular, and you might want to keep a few baskets of flowers on your coffee table.

French style living room ideas have a few other things in common: they are often airy and spacious. You may want to fill the room with light. Remember, shabby chic looks best with bright colours – the bright the better. You can pull this off by hanging a colourful chiffon draped over one wall, or by using a few different fabrics on different walls (one with a pattern, one with a colour). Remember to keep the rest of the walls in white or black.

French style: As mentioned above, the shabby chic style is all about France. This means you should have a certain charm about you that French people love. Add vintage lace or tapestries to the walls, and remember to use lots of French items such as furniture, tapestries and paintings to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Remember to choose simple furniture – it’s far easier to fix when it’s in place.

French style living room ideas are all about light. In fact, the word shabby comes from the French word meaning cloudy. So if you’re aiming for a slightly cloudier look, opt for a light coloured paint – shades of green, blue or mauve work well. You could also go for a recessed lighting system to underline the light colours. Remember to keep walls in shadow – darker colours mean there’s less light so your space will look bigger.

There you have it: three great living room ideas for shabby chic. By making the most of these hints and tips, you should be able to create the space of your dreams in any size of space, regardless of your budget. And the key is to just stay calm and enjoy the process. It’s great having a designer to do the hard work for you!