Romantic Shabby Charm Decorating Ideas

Romantic Shabby Charm Decorating Ideas

The romantic shabby chic decor of old country homes is coming back in a big way. This style is charming, sophisticated and often offers great ambiance and atmosphere. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway in the country or romantic vacation home. You can design your own romantic shabby chic mobile home by simply choosing one of the many color schemes, furnishings, decorative elements and accents to make it your own.

Romantic Shabby Charm Decorating Ideas

Your romantic shabby chic mobile home will look unique because of its distressed, worn and weathered look. However, you can avoid all that work with a little help from furniture stores, magazines and shabby chic websites on the Internet. Take your pick of fabrics, colors and textures for your very own romantic shabby chic furniture. Use warm, cozy throws and cushions to create a cozy living room, complete with old world decorative elements. Add a classic iron candle holder and some lighting and you have a romantic shabby chic lighting and ambient theme.

Shabby chic furniture offers many benefits as well as being stylish and elegant. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to create a stylish and cozy living room. Simply look around and see what inspires you. Shabby chic furniture allows you to get rid of dated styles and instantly put in new contemporary decorating ideas. Wicker, wood, lace and wrought iron are just a few vintage style decorating accessories that can give your entire home a charming, romantic touch.

Another creative use for shabby chic style furniture is to create a romantic environment in your bedroom. Create a bedroom that is cozy and inviting for the entire family using a French Country or shabby chic style bedding and throw pillows, a well-chosen floral print bed linen set, and a mobile home ottoman. Don’t forget to accessorize with a soft floral print bed cover. Richly colored bedding, an Italian silk canopy bed skirt and embroidered bed skirt bouquets complete the romantic look in your bedroom.

If you are looking to create a romantic atmosphere in your living room, consider accessorizing with a rich chenille pattern and a single wide mobile home throw. Using a French Country or shabby chic pattern adds elegance to your living room, especially if your furniture is in dark wood. Accessorizing with this style of furniture will add charm and style to any room in your home.

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the kitchen, use a French Country or shabby chic look to accessorize and throw in an Italian Murano glass vase or an old English country platter. Use this style of furniture to accent a nook or fireplace in your kitchen. Use a rich crystal display to decorate your dining room table. You can even bring this romantic shabby chic mobile home decorating theme into your bathroom by using an old English wash sink, vintage towel racks and toilet paper holders in a distressed black or white finish. Your bath will be the perfect place for this style of furniture as it is usually located by the sink.

Women love to gather shabby chic decorating ideas in their bedroom. Fabrics such as shabby pink, pale green, light blue and pastel yellow are great for this area of the home. In Victorian times, there was a trend toward heavier fabrics, and these fabrics are still very popular today. You could easily find bedding sets made of Egyptian cotton, chenille, velvet and shabby pink with a simple print.

When you are looking for shabby chic decorating ideas, you have plenty of inspiration to choose from. Just because a style is “shabby” does not mean that it has to be boring. You can add lots of color and fun patterns. You can also find many fabric prints that will help you create some truly unique and unusual interior design accessories.