Rustic Shabby Kitchen Areas: Simple Ways to Turn Your Kitchen into a Cosy Bedroom

Rustic Shabby Kitchen Areas: Simple Ways to Turn Your Kitchen into a Cosy Bedroom

If you love the rustic look of shabby chic kitchen furniture but believe it may not be the style for you, think about investing in a wrought iron wall clock. Not only are these charming and unique accents great for decorating a room, they can also easily double up as an interesting and affordable accent item in your rustic kitchen. Here are some tips for choosing and installing your own rustic-inspired clock.

Rustic Shabby Kitchen Areas: Simple Ways to Turn Your Kitchen into a Cosy Bedroom

Before you start working on your rustic wood or iron wall clocks, you should decide where in the kitchen area you would like to place them. Consider the placement of your clock so you can choose the appropriate wall space for it. Consider the main items in your kitchen area so you can plan what items you will need to display. Consider the layout of your kitchen area and what types of items you wish to display. Do you want your display to be closed off from the rest of the room or open to the dining area? How open or closed your display will be will depend on how you want to use your rustic wood or iron accents.

The first step is to choose the clock you want to display. There are several styles to choose from in shabby chic kitchen decor, including an assortment of antique styles and newer designs inspired by nature, animals, flowers, and other items found in the outdoors. You can even get a clock inspired by the colors you see in nature. Choose a pinkish or peach tone that will go well with the overall feel of your rustic kitchen. Accents can be anything from tiny potted roses to colorful bird or wildlife prints. For a whimsical touch, try a whimsical bird or flower pattern framed in stained glass.

Other rustic decorating ideas include wall decor and accessories, such as plaques, picture frames, or candle holders. Wall art can be anything that coordinates well with the color palette and theme you have decided on, whether it’s an elegant collage of photographs or a colorful floral printed canvas. Framed pictures will look especially beautiful in a pinkish hue, so if you want to play up the pinkish tones in the rustic decor, consider putting photos in black and white or using postcards instead. If you want to save money, you can create your own wall hangings or pictures to use on a canvas. Fabric scraps and felt pieces can be used to create a beautiful collage that coordinate perfectly with your rustic shabby chic kitchen area design.

To complete the overall effect of your rustic decor, finish with a variety of distressed woods, mostly pine. Use vases to hold candles in various shapes and sizes, which can be decorated with pine cones or beads for a distressed country feel. You can even use seashells in varying colors and textures to create a lovely floating accent for your rustic kitchen area. To top off your charming little cottage, think about adding a few rustic antiques like a wrought iron candle holder and wooden milk crate to the decor.

When choosing new cabinetry for your rustic-themed kitchen area, opt for pieces with worn or weathered finishes. This type of finish provides just the right amount of character and charm to your home while remaining contemporary and easy to care for. Worn or weathered finishes are especially great for using in an old bathroom or out by the pool. Pair a weathered brass or copper cabinet with a plain bathtub for a unique and practical design that will last for years to come. Meanwhile, cabinets painted with bright blues, greens or red provide a warm and cosy feel that’s perfect for a romantic bathroom.

Rustic shabby chic cabinet hardware includes vintage hardware in the form of knobs and drawer pulls, as well as colorful shelf braids and other vintage-inspired accents. For a more unique look, pair distressed kitchen area cabinet doors with wide door panels in coordinating rustic shades. For more of a distressed vibe, try pairing white cabinet hardware with weathered wood trim and hardware. Alternatively, find some real vintage pieces that are over 50 years old and have the kind of character that makes them perfect rustic fixtures. In either case, you’ll love how they give your rustic kitchen area a charming ‘old’ touch!

Rustic Shabby Chic cabinet doors can be matched with weathered white kitchen area rugs or used to create a two-tone scheme. Pair a weathered white cabinet with a rustic weathered white tile border for a whimsical and country feel. Or, coordinate painted cabinet fronts with weathered wooden flooring and natural wood cabinet knobs. The “rustic” feel of these elements will keep all your guests in awe of your great decorating skills!