Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Give Your Room a Vintage Twist Without Paying a Bundle

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Give Your Room a Vintage Twist Without Paying a Bundle

If you are in need of a chic and stylish bedroom for your home, then a Shabby Chic DIY bedroom decorating idea is the way to go. There is such a wide variety of Shabby chic pieces that you will be amazed at how many variations you will find. A few years ago this decorating style was very popular due to its “neoclassicism” design. But with the rise of country style decor, the chic look has really taken off and is now very fashionable. You will be very surprised at all the great ideas you will find by searching online or looking in some of the local decorating magazines.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Give Your Room a Vintage Twist Without Paying a Bundle

One of the things you will notice right away about a Shabby chic bedroom decorating idea is the soft lines and the rich textures and fabrics. Many of the fabrics used are textured and have a worn look to them. These fabrics will look great in a traditional or country look, depending on what other furniture and accents you have in your bedroom. With just a few easy to use accessories, you can create an atmosphere that will feel cozy and warm, without being too contemporary.

One of the most popular items is a vintage clock or shelf clocks. These are very popular in country homes, where the walls are painted in a more natural, rustic color scheme. You can pull out this look in your bedroom with the help of some vintage fabric or photos of vintage scenes. The shelves will add a worn look and shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas using these are very popular as well.

Another popular bedroom decorating idea is to take a look at French Country. This is an exciting style that feature light wood, intricate hand-carved patterns on the pillows and throws, and a very country feel to the room. Using this type of wood in your bedroom can add a unique look without using too much furniture, which makes it a very attractive option. You can get the look you want by adding throw pillows to your bed. You can choose from many different colors and patterns.

If you love the look of old photographs, this is a great look for you. With shabby chic, you can have those old photos of family or friends or even antique pieces of furniture from the Victorian era. Adding a vintage lamp to the bed will really add an old look and keep your bedroom in the Victorian style. You can find many lamps with a shabby chic look that will be great additions to your room.

Shabby chic furniture is very stylish today, so if you’re looking for bedroom decorating ideas that still give you that charming country feel, you should consider using this style of furniture. One easy way to incorporate this look into your bedroom is by choosing a bed with an antique frame, which will offset the shabby chic furniture nicely. You can also select vintage dressers or mirrors that have an antique look to them for a great effect on your bed.

As shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas are so popular right now, there are many different ways to incorporate this style into your home. You don’t have to be stuck with the traditional Victorian or French country look; you can still have a very chic and interesting look. Just because you’re going with shabby chic doesn’t mean you have to stay away from modern design! In fact, some of the most interesting and beautiful shabby chic furniture today comes from the modern home design scene. You can still have a very unique, stylish bedroom without being tacky, which is a big part of the charm of this decor.

Another great thing about shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas is that they’re inexpensive. If you look online you’ll find many different sources for great deals on furniture, bedding, and accents. There’s really no reason to spend more than you have to on furniture because there are so many good deals out there. In fact, you may even find some prices that are cut from the new lines of furniture that are available in department stores as well as furniture stores and websites. Check out all your options and be sure to stay within your budget, but enjoy the unique shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas of the past!