Shabby Chic Decor Will Give Your Home the Elegance and Comfort of By-Gone Days!

Shabby Chic Decor Will Give Your Home the Elegance and Comfort of By-Gone Days!

Imagine your house which has a comfortable family area embellished with Shabby Chic! A crystal vase on the corner table along with the soft glow of an vintage table lamp on small corner curio cabinet can bring back memories of by-gone days. Shabby Chic can decorate with beautiful and useful accessories to the complete home. Among the furniture things that can be found are cabinets, tables, mirrors, shelves, and so much more!

This wonderful style began in Great Britain and reflects the love we all have for that old country farm homes. People loved the warmth and closeness from the farm as well as “family appeal”. The closeness of homes had begun to disappear along with the search was onto make an attempt to grow it back before it was past too far! Women began searching for recycled furniture and fabric to accomplish a fashionable upper class decor that could combine with the existing country look they so planned to bring too their houses again.

The very early Shabby Chic combined early Swedish painted decorations, the art of French Chateaus, along with the basically style from the American Shakers. Presently it can be more a mix of country some Victorian, French and Country Cottage decor.

Shabby Chic generally is white with accents of lavender, light green, blue, pink or yellow. The corners are often sanded showing signs and symptoms of distress. The fabrics used are usually cotton, linen, chintz, and chenille. Fabric is frequently dyed with tea to accomplish a classic appearance.

We have other items which will add charm to your own home-candles, candle holders, vases, decorative towel racks, beautiful shelves, and also other very beneficial stuff like bathroom tissue holders.

What can Shabby Chic do to suit your needs? It will give you a serene, cozy, elegant environment with just a little yesterday! Your family can finally enjoy their surroundings in complete convenience!