Shabby Chic DIY Interior Design Ideas

Shabby Chic DIY Interior Design Ideas

A romantic, vintage, rustic and soft way to decorate, shabby chic DIY style is simply feminine, romantic and soft. This DIY home decor style is soft, romantic and elegant full of natural texture and rich, warm color – ideal for a wedding. It is an attractive decorating style that blends old and new items, two key elements in creating a fabulous, unique shabby chic wedding look. You can use this design to create your own unique wedding invitations or just give the guests a one of a kind look. It creates a warm, inviting environment that accents your wedding location.

As with any fabric or lace decorating, the focus on this design style is the textures you choose. Using a mixture of delicate ruffled lace and plush, downy fabric flowers, we create a soft, airy feel to our cozy, intimate shabby chic DIY wedding. The flowers used are a blend of raffia and silk roses, crescent and pink roses, and cyclamen. Because they are all textured in nature, these flowers offer a soft, subtle, earthy toned effect. These textured interior fabrics are also very useful in other areas, for example in throw pillows, curtains, and throw pillow covers.

Interior Design – Vintage Shabby Chic DIY Interior design ideas include using vintage shabby chic fabrics and furniture to create a warm, cozy, airy environment. For example, we create a beautiful, open living room by hanging four large photos (one each of us) from the ceiling and three vintage lace door pieces (one for each of us). In addition, we use knick-knacks such as a vintage brooch and vintage birdcage fan to create a charming ‘used’ feel.

Rugs and Sheets This is one of the simplest, yet most elegant ways to add a shabby chic aesthetic to your home. By keeping your interior design textured and using well placed textures, you can enhance the shabby chic aesthetic. For example, we place an accent rug right in front of our coffee table. As a shabby chic decor aesthetic, the rug not only provides a place to sit, but it also serves as a textured border. We place wooden plaques on the wall above the rug, which add an air of older elegance.

Wrought Iron Textures Baroque or French doors with intricate carvings are a popular motif in shabby chic design. To complete this look, we add a large mirror (a baroque mirror is larger than a modern one) to the wall opposite the doorway. This mirror has a birdcage on its back. The birdcage adds a hint of an old world charm that the door’s intricate carvings are no longer displaying. We then line the remaining wall between the doorway and the mirror with runner strips to give the impression that the room is lined with wrought iron.

Antique Furniture Shabby-chic bathrooms are the perfect hideout for rustic bedroom furniture. Placed on the wall next to the window, an old French country cedar bed frame, with a nubby gray finish, complements the wood of the baroque mirror and the wood of the bird cage. Placed across from the bed in the shabby-chic bathroom is an oil painting of a Wild West landscape. We find that the bedroom’s storage room is lined with coordinating baskets of white linens, and her personal items line the shelves.

Fabric Flowers We use a mixture of vintage fabric flowers and fabric raffia to create romantic shabby chic accents. Fabric flowers such as pink roses and mums work well with the southwestern accent. Another romantic touch is a pair of pink and white roses strung together on a French country lace curtain. These accent pieces are then accented with raffia and sequins for further sweet feminine charm.

The beauty of this project is that all the elements are entirely up to you. You can mix and match different materials or fabric flowers and accents to create your own private shabby chic haven. You can choose to create the perfect feminine aesthetic by combining accents from throughout the room, or you can choose to rely on just one or two main accents to pull the overall look together.