Shabby Chic Furniture – A Practical Interior Design Style

Shabby chic furniture are available in many homes, whether or not the home design doesn’t intentionally lean for the style; if you have items in your house that look a little tatty, are already well used and loved or maybe passed down through the family – that’s shabby chic furniture. This type of furniture doesn’t need to stand alone; it is possible to blend it into any existing decor and this will complement any room. You can pick from genuine, vintage antiques, reproduction pieces as well as make your own shabby chic furniture – simply grab a vintage but nonetheless serviceable piece of furniture from a car boot sale or charity shop (or perhaps your grandparents house!), paint it in white or pastel tones, then distress and scuff it back to normal!

This distressed, weathered look which is so particular to this style of furniture means it might suit any home – it adds warmth, plus an a sense comfort and relaxation which is sometimes missing from modern contemporary styled homes using their boldness and harsh lines. Shabby chic furniture is a lot more ‘old country home’ than ‘show home’ and also the mix and match vibe that it offers means it is possible to add just a couple of key pieces or fill your home with as many different items as you like. This versatility, and its subtlety, enables you to employ this type of furniture in almost any room. Additionally, since the top features of shabby chic furniture include signs and symptoms of wear and tear, chipped, peeling paint as well as a general ‘lived in’ look, these products are children and animal friendly – any knocks, spills or scratches will just improve the charm.

French style furniture is particularly popular – look for complex beautiful carvings, chandeliers and mirrors, or maybe a larger focal piece just like a rustic dining table or an armoire. It’s great for bedrooms too; a French style bed a very good idea for a boy’s room, as is also big and sufficiently strong enough to look at boisterous high-jinks. If you want shabby chic furniture to get a girl’s bedroom, search for a pretty French dressing table or ornate mirror and earn usage of floral fabrics and cushions. The shabby chic style will add an actual touch of romance with an adult’s bedroom – choose a fabulous French style wardrobe and accessorize with chenille or linen bedspreads and floral arrangements; in case you have enough space, digging in a chaise lounge or bombe chest of drawers will add a little sophistication and elegance.

In essence, shabby chic furniture is just about the most versatile and practical styles on earth of design. Due to its worn and used characteristics, every item of furniture is unique – if you use shabby chic furniture at your residence, it is possible to prevent the bland mass-produced feel of flat-pack alternatives. It’s worth browsing round the internet to get an idea of the spectacular selection of around – just don’t be surprised if you are purchasing!