Shabby Chic Furniture – A Style for Everyone

Shabby Chic Furniture – A Style for Everyone

Shabby chic furniture has its roots within the simple, country house style, in which the older and more used the piece of furniture looks, the greater desirable and cozy it really is. As this kind of furniture grew in popularity, it began to take on portions of others, including slants towards bohemian, American folk and French romance. One of the advantages of selecting a this style for your house could be the versatility it enables you; you are able to match all kinds of different pieces adding a wholly personal and unique touch.

If you appear around at shabby chic furniture on discount sales in stores and online, one of the predominant characteristics you will learn will be the distressed look; this is the genuine symbol of aged and well loved furniture or sometimes a product of intentional distress work. Layers of paint can often be seen through worn areas and fabrics could possibly be old or stained to achieve the same effect. These elements are balanced by the soft feminine feel, with white or pastel shades and cotton and linen fabrics. This softness and focus on comfort could be the distinguishing feature that differentiates shabby chic furniture from the antique cousin.

Another great thing about this brand of furniture is that due to the versatility, you’ll be able to use it in a room, for just about any member of the family. Shabby chic bedroom accessories works perfectly well for adults, children or teenagers. If you wish to minimise the feminine aspect, just select plain pieces in white or neutral tones. For a girl’s room, you’ll be able to try to find items like lace and soft cushions. Rose covered materials, chandeliers and chenille bedspreads put in a little sophistication to an adult’s bedroom, setting up a romantic and relaxing environment to help you enjoy sweet dreams every night.

Other popular items of shabby chic bedroom accessories include reproduction French beds and hand carved dressing tables; if you don’t wish to fill all of your room with similar style of furniture, having 1 or 2 key pieces like this can function well. If you do opt to go further and really transform your room, seek out bedroom accessories, such as an intricate and pretty table lamp or benefit from the daylight by placing a beautiful carved mirror on the wall.

Even if you have never considered shabby chic furniture before, it’s really worth developing a research to see what’s on the market – with so much to choose from there really is a piece of furniture that’s great for you.