Shabby Chic Furniture – How to Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Place

Shabby Chic Furniture – How to Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Place

Contemporary homes have adopted the newest craze in furniture fashion, called shabby chic furniture. The shabby chic style creates a very special and homely feeling, as each piece of furniture is unique. Shabby chic is a form of style that balances elegant items with old and tattered, restored furniture. Old lace and shimmering silver are used as well as vintage lace and soft rugs. All these items are employed to create a special and unique home on your family.

In 1989, Rachel Ashwell started the shabby and stylish decorating style when she marketed refinished furnishings through the flea market and slipcovers which can be washable from her boutique in California. Decorators and retailers worldwide have embraced the design and started incorporating it to their styles to make livable, comfortable rooms.

Shabby chic is about restoring old, traditional furnishings and driving them to contemporary. Usually these pieces are sanded to some certain point after which painted again.

Contrary on track painting of furniture you won’t have to sand right down to the last paint layer. Only certain segments with the furniture are sanded into this level. When the sanding has become done then a painting begins.

The color scheme is fairly different to conventional decorating. The colors are softer, faded and pale. Checks, stripes, and floral go a long way for making the house appear inviting to visitors. It is much easier to make use of one color then use different fabrics using this inside same color.

Creativity is essential when working with the piece of furniture. Select certain furniture and then assist that. Wooden tables could be manufactured beyond old wooden boxes. These tables may be used to stack photos and flowers or any other similar objects on. The corner from the room might be the location for a chair which is pale in color with a vase and flowers on the chair.

Old doors, wrought iron gates or wooden tabletops could from the headboard in your bedroom. Floral fabrics, gingham, blue chintz may be utilized to decorate the fabric used by the headboard.

To avoid upholstering the full sofa within the living room, one can possibly use floral slipcovers. The walls could be covered with paintings of fruit, flowers and landscapes. These really should not be new paintings but older second hand versions. Use antique frames to host your family photos. These photos will look great while on an old wooden table that may be painted over. The living room can house pre-owned wrought iron garden furniture.