Shabby Chic Furniture Style – Choosing a Chest of Drawers or Chandeliers

Shabby Chic Furniture Style – Choosing a Chest of Drawers or Chandeliers

With the rising availability of shabby chic furniture, you will find there’s surprising amount of choice around; you will discover a myriad of shabby chic furniture what to fill your home with high are plenty of shops and internet based stores to look around. What appears to be the case, though, is the fact that a great deal of attention is paid to items like beds, tables and chairs but nobody considers other fantastic pieces of furniture like chandeliers or statement pieces just like a chest of drawers.

Shabby chic furniture is effective in almost any room, but is specially popular in bedrooms. A shabby French style chest of drawers can be a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for clothes, storage of non-public items, art materials and toys for the children plus offers you a surface to use for lamps, pictures, ornaments or a few cuddly toys! Think about setting your chest of drawers with a cute table lamp or vintage style mirrors.

When deciding on a chest of drawers get a chunky and robust statement piece, that will are well by itself or as a complement to another bold item for instance a French reproduction bed. Other shabby chic characteristics to look out for include layers of paint that have started to peel away and so are usually painted in French-country white or pastel shades.

Another item that is often overlooked when contemplating shabby chic furniture are chandeliers. These are a necessity to the this brand of interior decoration and come in so many shapes, sizes and styles that you really will likely be spoilt for choice. If you have a big dining-room and also you need to dazzle your invited guests, look for old vintage French style chandeliers – or if you desire a rather more understated lighting solution to your lounge or hallway, there are many smaller and much more elegant chandeliers to select from. If you like the original style chandeliers look for ones covered in fabric – hunting around car boot sales and flea markets because of these forms of chandeliers is a great idea and incredibly suits the shabby chic furniture ethos.

Chandeliers can also be found on many French style furniture websites, which makes the position of locating the optimal chandeliers much easier and much less frustrating. Look out for amber and pink chandeliers or classical leaf decorations. These great online language learning resources are great for locating the ideal components of furniture to suit your overall style – precisely what have you been awaiting, check today!