Shabby Chic Furniture – What Is It?

Shabby Chic Furniture – What Is It?

Shabby chic furniture has gained in popularity since the term was initially coined inside 1980s. There are many reasons with this, not least for that fact it can fit in with any existing decor style and then any sort of home. Whether you are hunting for a few stand-alone pieces to incorporate a touch of character or are looking for practical solutions that wont be damaged and ruined by boisterous children or pets, shabby chic furniture will merge effortlessly without having to rethink your entire interior design style.

So the term is known as well as the style well loved, but what is shabby chic furniture? Basically the phrase can be applied to any items that show warning signs of wear or matches large scheme and ornamental style that has been synonymous with this decor genre. In essence, shabby chic furniture is characterised by simple white painted finishes or soft pastel colours including lavender, light blue, mint green along with other gentle tones. Other characteristics are obvious French influences, including feminine curves, carved details, stylised legs and chunky pieces of dark and medium woods.

Shabby chic furniture looks old and well used; though actually they may be modern in their manufacture but designed to look older and more ‘vintage’. This aged look is achieved by building up several layers of paint within the chosen colour or even a number of colours so when dry, sandpaper can be used to rub away the top layer or two, to reveal a different colour of paint or maybe the bare wood underneath. Shabby chic furniture can therefore be referred to as looking ‘distressed’, ‘weathered’ or ‘scuffed’.

As we’ve already discussed, this kind of furniture is often affected by French furniture design, especially the styles seen inside the Rococo and Baroque periods. Other influences regularly seen include country house or farmhouse style pieces; both French and English designs lend themselves well to shabby chic.

If you have chosen you want to incorporate shabby chic items in your home, take a peek around and acquire a feel for your many different pieces on offer. When you have identified an item that that suits you, look at the overall kind of the space you intend to install it in and after that consider other touches that you might enhance that room to fit the style. Linens with the aged look or items with floral patterns can function well, as can old ornate mirrors, chandeliers or distressed photo and picture frames. By adding these accents, your furniture will blend in seamlessly with existing pieces and really warm your property.