Shabby Chic Home Redecor

Being a constant mark of elegance, Shabby Chic is a design concept on home redecoration with accessories and furniture specific on the first half the 20th century. Te redecoration ideas draw inspiration from the Great Britain country style cottages, defining not really an unique style, but a stylish mixture of old paintings, vintage accessories, wooden painted furniture and soft fabrics.

This comfortable and relaxing interior redesign is really a constant reminder of vintage redecorating, drawing a casual and familiar touch to the interior it pertains to. When redecorating your property with shabby chic elements, keep in mind to use pastel colours, floral pattern fabrics, light shade painted furnishing, wrought iron, fresh flowers and scented candles.

House redecorating should begin by adding pastel light colour tones such as yellow, pink, gray, green and white. White is predominant over other shades and it is thoroughly applied, drawing a neat touch towards the dated look of the design elements.

Interior furnishing should primarily concentrate on comfort and vintage aspect. A shabby chic furniture collection might include metal framed beds or Victorian style ones, bleached wardrobes that seem unfinished, dining tables and chairs, adorned coffee tables, bed tables along with rocking chairs or rocking beds.

However, certified interior decorators recommend less shabby furniture and more shabby accessories, in order to avoid achieving a kitschy setting. The most common accessorizing elements are: elegant frames with flower motifs for old pictures or paintings, metal saucers for the flower pots, painted shelves, luxurious framed mirrors, wall clocks, painted bird cages, large crystal or metal chandeliers, candlesticks, floral arrangements, ceramic dinnerware, old china, large and seat coverings and also other antique elements.

There is really a selection of fabrics to pick from, if you make sure to keep the vintage, warm and soft aspect: use cotton or flax for that bedding and transparent white veil for the drapery. Combining patterns (stripes, chequers, floral motifs) is a mark of Shabby Chic, delivering a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

What is extremely good about it design style is that it is affordable, as it consists of simple recycled elements. Ingenuity will do the key, turning regular furniture and accessories into genuine shabby chic hallmarks.