Shabby Chic How To

Shabby Chic How To

Shabby chic is a popular method recently. It can be widely used to present worn-out check out your furniture, picture frames and many other things. It is very simple and fun to complete and I will reveal how.

It is the most suitable and easiest done on wooden surface. You will need acrylic paints, an item of candle (regular white is the greatest) and some fine ground sanding paper. Acrylic paints can be bought in hobby shops or you are able to buy bigger container of acrylic paints usually useful for walls or concrete floors. That way you will get it less expensive for same effect.

You will be needing one dark shade (black, dark brown, dark green etc.) and something light shade (white, beige or some pastel color).

Let assume we’re going to redecorate a well used chair. If it is already of dark color that you like, you can skip the first step, but if you don’t similar to this color paint all of it into dark hue of your option. Let’s say we painted it into brown leafy. You can do painting with brush or with sponge. Leave it to dry completely. Acrylic paints dry quite fast, they don’t really have strong smell and all sorts of brushes and sponges needs to be washed with water right after use, otherwise you won’t be able to wash them when they are dry.

When our chair had dried, we’re going to rub each of the edges with candle. Do it thoroughly because it could make our work easier later. Now we’ll paint our chair with light color, let say light beige.

Again, you can use brushes or sponge. Let this color dry completely also. When things are dry we are able to now start sanding where we would like this worn-out look. Candle wax will ensure that only lighter color will likely be removed from and beneath dark color will demonstrate.

Voila: here it is, your vintage looking chair.