Shabby Chic Is the New Vintage in Furniture Design

Shabby Chic Is the New Vintage in Furniture Design

All the hipsters who shun your regular brands for favorite vintage store have moved towards the latest rage in furniture design, shabby chic. The distressed seek out furniture looks like it is often passed over generations and painted and repainted more often than not over and layers peel returning to show previous coats by previous owners. Shabby Chic Furniture doesn’t just look old but also comes in styles which can be seriously dated also, with upholstery in fabrics and colours which aren’t common anymore.

This needn’t be authentic plus more often absolutely nothing these days it in all probability isn’t. What was started out in the beginning by starving artists and cool urban hipsters as a little counter culture to battle back contrary to the trend of always keeping the latest styles along with the most high-priced and plush looking furniture has now been subverted itself.

Earlier people would scour attics and spend hours poring through garage sale seeking gems that is restored, cleaned and reused these days an industry has put their hands up surrounding this craze and if you don’t have some time or inclination to go looking through smelly, cobweb ridden attics or hob-nob with weird people at some garage sale you can buy new cupboards which were painted and repainted frequently after which sanded down and distressed to exhibit signs and symptoms of deterioration the same as the genuine thing.

Some in the furniture makers go as far as making fine holes inside the furniture that are like wood worm holes for the really authentic look. There are two means of going about getting your vintage look on. Some hardcore fashion victims roll their very own as well as go in terms of staining their very own fabrics with tea and other colouring agents like bleach to present them that much vaunted look but new devotees with the shabby chic look can now buy furniture that look in the same way authentic right within the store itself even when fresh.

You simply need to know where you can look if that you do not then just grab hold with the nearest starving artist with eclectic tastes plus a hatred of mainstream trends and they should aid you in getting what you will be seeking.