Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

If you’re tired of your plain kitchen and want to do something fun, try some shabby chic kitchen cabinet hardware. This is an easy way to add a dose of color and whimsy to your space. Shabby chic is the “in” thing now for families who like to spend their vacation time in their kitchen. Installing those little candle holders and candelabra cup and saucer sets would be so cute, and will help create the atmosphere of a southern kitchen.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The first step is to install the shabby chic pull out dining room pulls. Slide the center channel on the wall behind the stove in place. Position the metal scroll work above the channel with the white marble handle. Screw on the matching handles with pliers and then slide them on. Finish with the matching feet. These sets of 2 cute little door handles and matching candle holders will go great with the black and white ceramic pull out shelves that I found at Lowes.

Next, find a beautiful vintage sterling silver or glass jewelry making kit that has a clear photo of an alcove in it. Cut out the photo with a cutting board and insert your molding if needed. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the molding to the front of the alcove in the kit. Add an antique lamp shade to complete the look. This set of vintage lamps and chandelier earrings will bring out the crisp beauty of the polished silver finish.

Another wonderful shabby chic style is a vintage white kitchen cabinet pull with a row of heart chain supplies jewelry making kits on the back. The heart chain supplies are designed like a necklace with a clasp on each end. Use double-sided tape to attach the chain supplies to the wooden cabinet pulls, and then to finish off the look use some vintage white gold plating. This kit also comes with matching heart chain holders and coordinating silver or gold plated door pulls.

Then, for something completely different than the modern look, try finding the “semi-modern” shabby chic accent table and chair set. The set includes a traditional dining table and matching chair, the beautiful but vintage instant download satin table and chair set, and a beautiful faux leather remote control. These tables and chairs are made of solid cherry wood. They have a very unique diamond cutout in the middle of each chair that completes the look.

Then, there’s the ultimate Shabby Chic look – a small rug. The Shabby Chic kitchen area rug is an instant download! The Shabby Rugs Shabby Kitchens Collection consists of five styles: Beach, Caribbean, Garden, French Country, and Victorian. With this entire set, you will create the look of a country garden complete with a rustic gate, a stone bench and a hammock, a vintage white kitchen with a teak bench and iron plant pot, and a sun-filled backyard.

Another great Shabby Chic look is the Shabby Gothic Kitchens. These Shabby Kitchens looks like they’re straight out of a fairy tale book. The Shabby Gothic Kitchen has a warm vintage feel to them, which makes them very appealing. They consist of two matching pairs of stainless steel upsilon Greek letter chair and table. There’s also a small rug featuring a peacock medallion, a digital download, and four other small door handles in gratitude, thanksgiving, peace, love, and thanksgiving design-sublimation-printed, vinyl-coated canvas prints.

The Shabby Chic table and chair sets are available as upsilon Greek letter and modern coffee upsilon Greek letter sets. With these two amazing designs, you can instantly transform your kitchen area into an authentic country style kitchen! These items are available for instant download in beautiful 4-panel designs such as “Thanksgiving”, “Peace, Love & Thanksgiving”, and” thanking God”. For more information about Shabby Chic items, check out Shabby Chic blogs and forums online. Keep watching Shabby Chic TV spots on the network.