Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor – Country Kitchen Decor

Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor – Country Kitchen Decor

Shabby chic kitchen decor is fun and romantic take on a classic style of decor. There is no question that shabby chic lends itself perfectly to a country style kitchen. In this article I will show you how to create a chic, cozy feel in your kitchen with a southern French charm. You can add a country feel to your home decor with this type of decor, and many other types of it. The beauty of shabby chic is the eclectic look that it lends to any home. Your choices are as wide-ranging as your tastes.

To begin with, think of the colors you like best. For many people this brings them back to childhood, when their living room would be lined with a variety of dusty rugs and dishes that had been handed down from ancestors. Today, this is a valued antique; however, if you do not have a treasured item to use as inspiration, just think about the colors of your kitchen furniture and fabrics. This is not so far-fetched. Just go to an antique store or any other place that sells antiques and you can see the vast array of possibilities.

Shabby chic is also very appropriate for those who want to create a more personal space. The French style is about making the most of small spaces, so shabby chic lends itself very well to the kitchen. It is the French touch of imperfection that gives a home such a charming and comforting look. With shabby chic decor, there is a definite emphasis on the small while maintaining a sense of balance.

If you like the look of shabby chic but do not want it to look like your grandparents’ days, then you can choose another country style for your decor. During the 1800’s, when people were very frustrated with their home decor and didn’t want anything to change, they simply took things down from the cupboard. Today, this look is still very popular in country homes. With the right accents, it can even look as if the cabinets have been new.

A good way to get the look of shabby chic in your kitchen is to use vintage accessories. You can find these all over the place, from flea markets to garage sales. There are old porcelain pots that look great on a table, and a great cut of rugs can be found in farmhouse style stores or even in antique shops. To add a little bit of shabby chic to your kitchen, choose rugs that are made in the country style and embellish them with beads or small figurines. You can even use old rosewood planters in your kitchen.

One of the best things about shabby chic is the fact that it looks warm and inviting. Many people who live in country areas like the South or the Southwest tend to favor this particular style. If you want your shabby chic kitchen to really show off the charm of this era, then you should go all out when decorating. Don’t be afraid to layer different kinds of wood or paint. Look for distressed woods or rough finishes to give the impression that you’ve spent a long time in this country.

This look is great in a bathroom too. If you have a vintage sink and faucet, then you should look for shabby chic shower curtains or a shabby chic toilet seat. The walls in the bathroom should be just as worn and ragged as the rest of the room, and you can use a pale pastel wall color and some white lace trim as accessories. If you have a more upmarket bathroom with expensive fixtures, then you can skip the shower curtains or the toilet seat and go for pieces of art or furniture that has been aged and painted.

This style is great for many different rooms in your home. It’s easy to create your own shabby chic country theme if you’re working with a smaller space. You can take a country style rug and put it in front of a window or use lace curtains to create a country-themed cabinet. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different fabrics and colors. A shabby chic country style is always a great addition to your home.