Shabby Chic Living Room Design For Home

Shabby Chic Living Room Design For Home

Have you ever heard the phrase shabby chic? If so, then you are part of a generation that embraces the vintage look. Shabby chic is one of those fashions that just keeps coming back; it’s timeless and has a chic, old world charm. Chic coziness and comfort are what this book is all about.

Shabby Chic Living Room Design For Home

One of the best things about shabby chic is how it uses gently used furniture from antique hand me downs. Since this is such a unique style, most who adopt it don’t really own or even see these items on their own. As such, when they do find them, they often have them restored by experts. The resulting look is as charming as it was years ago, and this is why shabby chic living room design for home is such a hit.

As with any vintage decor, this look utilizes neutral tones to give off an air of older elegance. This includes using pale green and silvery tones. You can bring this look into your kitchen as well. You may have wallpaper borders in place or you can choose to put up glass shelving units to display your collectibles. No matter which room you choose, you will surely enjoy the timeless charm this style exudes.

Another way to incorporate shabby chic in your home is to choose a distressed finish on your furniture. This distressed look is reminiscent of a time when furniture was handmade, and you can find this distressed look in both modern and traditional homes. Of course, the shabby chic living room design for home will be a bit different depending on the colors you choose, but you can find enough pieces that will make this room feel like an old Victorian or Edwardian sanctuary. The addition of vintage furniture can pull the whole room together and give you just the right touch of shabby elegance.

Some of the best furniture to use in this design style is antique. Look for shabby chic tables and chairs with legs that are damaged but still look aged. Antique furniture can give a very worn look to a room, but it also adds to the character of the space. You can even find chairs that are shaped like beds from bygone eras, or tables that look as though they were made to sit on a dollhouse. These will add a unique charm to your home, and they make great conversation pieces.

If you want to go all out in your shabby chic style, you can buy old paintings to hang up in your home. You can find an abundance of these or in antique stores, so finding the perfect one to hang up in your home should be no trouble at all. Paintings of historical events or family pictures can be especially cute to hang up in the shabby chic space. This is a fun way to give a room a personal aesthetic feel that is reminiscent of the past.

There are many accessories that go along with shabby chic design, as well. You can buy little knick knacks to add to the appeal of the space, and you can find curtains and pillows that have a similar aesthetic appeal. By using shabby chic accessories and furnishings, you can create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the past but one that is still entirely modern.

Creating a shabby style living environment can be a fun project for the whole family. It doesn’t need to be a big transformation in the home, just something that makes the place seem like another era. By using furniture and decor that have a worn look, rather than new pieces, you can accomplish this look without making the rest of the house seem out of place. Your shabby style design for the home can be very flexible and is very effective when used to update a home.