Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture – Add a Touch of Class Without Spending Too Much

Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture – Add a Touch of Class Without Spending Too Much

If you are one of those people who like to keep things simple and eclectic, then the shabby chic living room furniture collection is perfect for you. The concept is all about a laid back living space with a soft and comfortable style. For this type of design, you do not have to buy expensive sofas and tables to make your home very appealing. Instead, you can just select pieces that have a vintage and worn look to them. As such, you will be able to give your living space a very casual and natural feel.

One of the most popular pieces of shabby chic living room furniture is the sofas. Because these pieces have an aged look to them, you will find that they are quite comfortable and cozy as well. When it comes to choosing the right shade of cushions for your couches, the best thing to do is to choose dark ones so that the color of the fabric will not fade away easily. You can also match the fabric that you use on the sofa to the curtains that you have chosen.

Another one of the great things about shabby chic living room furniture collection is that there are plenty of fabrics to choose from. For example, you may choose a Victorian style for your living room decor. There are sofas with pink brocades and floral accents that would go great with this particular design. Likewise, you may opt for a pink couch and get a matching Ottoman with a polka dot pattern. The unique design of this piece will surely catch your guests’ attention.

If you are thinking of using bright pastels in your shabby chic living room furniture, you may want to consider using shades of turquoise. For example, you may use pastel colors like pale pink, pale blue, light purple and even a pale orange on your sofa, chair and accent pillows. You can even find cushions which are made out of cotton and have shabby chic floral prints as part of their design. To complete your shabby chic theme, you can choose a shabby chic lamp, especially if you have a floral theme. Choose a piece that has an inverted cone base and add some smaller lamps along its cord to complete the look of the room.

To give your living room a romantic look, you may want to use a floral fabric as your window treatment. You can choose a shabby chic style fabric like organza. Add some silky curtains on the other side, which are decorated with small flowers. This will give your room a romantic feel. A romantic rug can also be a good option for this decor. Place it at the center of the floor and place matching candles around it for a truly romantic and charming touch.

If you want to go with an old school look then you should go for a country western theme. Choose fabrics with a rustic appeal such as chenille, rawhide and even leather. Corals, roosters, cowboy figurines, wall hangings and Native American prints will give your home an authentic look. A large wooden rooster can be displayed on the wall as a focal point of the room.

To complement the country western theme in the living room, you should have a pink sofa and a pink loveseat. You can even decorate your sofa with some cushions in the same shade of pink as the upholstery. The color pink is known for its beauty and because of that, many designers have made several shades of pink available for people to choose from. There are several floral designs available as well so you do not need to worry about finding one that looks good in the scheme of your home.

You should also consider putting up a chandelier. A crystal chandelier is usually chosen because it goes well with any type of color scheme and especially well with shabby chic white living room furniture. The best thing about crystal chandeliers is that they look absolutely great without being overdone. You can find plenty of these types online. If you do not want to spend too much on your chandelier then go with a plain glass chandelier.