Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas: Farmhouse Style Decorating

Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas: Farmhouse Style Decorating

Shabby chic is an up and coming style in home decorating. It combines vintage and country elegance with a laid back casual look that makes a home feel warm and inviting. If you are thinking about giving this style a try, it can give you a warm and inviting feeling inside and out. What better way to start out a new room decorating scheme than with one of the many great ideas for shabby chic that is available? Here are some suggestions:

Farmhouse Style Living Room Ideas begins with a clean and airy design. The shabby chic look is best when the walls are bare and there is very little wood work or furnishing. This creates a very open and spacious look. You could even consider painting white or off white to complement the woodsy, country look. This can be done on walls, furniture and flooring.

Accents must be subtle. You want them to fit into the space but not overpower it. Accents can include stencils on doors and other surfaces, colorful throw pillows, flecks of paint in hard to find places and even fabric dye. Look for items that will tie the look together. You don’t want different shabby chic pieces crowding each other.

Wall Decor Shabby chic wall decor is a nostalgic style. You can create this look in your bathroom, kitchen and even bedroom by using various fabrics and drapes. Keep in mind if the colors you use are warm tones you’ll want to keep the room well aired and not as cold as you might with a shabby chic paint look. You can even try various textures like velvet or corduroy fabrics.

Colors Another important aspect to shabby chic style is the colors you use. If you want your room to appear more lived-in, consider darker colors. If you want your room to seem more open, opt for lighter colors. This is also true of the accessories you choose to complement the style.

Accessories Again, depending on the style you choose you may want to play with accessories. As I said previously, you can choose to go with anything from knick knacks, vases, dishes, crystal glasses to anything else that ties the look together. Keep in mind as well that you should look for shabby chic items that tie in with your color choices. If you have a white kitchen, add a few of those country western or southwest style items.

Furniture Shabby chic furniture is also a great way to create this look. You can find just about anything you would look for in a thrift shop or a garage sale. Remember, anything you purchase needs to be used for one year before determining its value. Still, you may find some very interesting finds!

Living room ideas are not hard to come by when you take a look at the many different ways people have decorated their homes in the past. Take a trip down memory lane and see how things were done back then. Chances are that you will get a whole host of great ideas for your space! So start thinking about how to decorate and you will find some shabby chic living room ideas that are sure to bring you much joy.

If you want to go all out, you can even decorate your entire home in this style. Remember, whatever pieces of furniture you decide to add into the mix, they need to be functional. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be creative. You can find a way to incorporate whatever you like into the room that has the functionality. You may even end up finding that you have more items than you thought you would need!

When you begin decorating, you may notice that there are several different types of shabby chic furniture that you can find. This can make things somewhat overwhelming, but keep in mind that each piece has a purpose. For example, one item could be used as a coffee table, while another could be used for storage. Think about what you really need the piece for and then work around that. This will ensure that your efforts don’t seem to be a waste of time.

Another great thing about shabby chic is that you can change up the entire look in a matter of seconds. Simply by changing a few things around or adding in a different item, you can completely transform the room. Keep in mind that the goal is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere that anyone can feel comfortable in. Take some time, look around, and consider what a beautiful transformation your home could be!