Shabby Chic Makes Your House Truly Trendy

The haute new trend in 2010 for interior decoration aficionados as well as the fashionable set is having vintage furniture of their modern designer homes. This kind of furniture is also referred to as shabby chic furniture. The trend probably originated with similar hipsters who shunned regular designer wear bought in traditional stores and made a decision to scour antique shops for vintage clothing. This trend has now found its way to furniture and upholstery that look like vintage pieces. There are many methods for getting shabby chic pieces for your home. You can roll your own by going hunting in attics or scouring garage sales to the perfect piece, or you can now visit the cool top quality stores and buy perfect vintage pieces that look just as authentic as the real things however are brand-new.

Vintage furniture can be either bona fide or even an original fake that’s been painstakingly crafted. This might be done by painting and repainting it frequently and after that scraping layers off to provide it with a worn look. In fact some manufacturers go so far as to drill holes to emulate worm holes with the really worn down and dilapidated look just like the the real guy. Either way a shabby chic kitchen with vintage furniture within it looks great because modern kitchens are clean and airy and packed with shiny equipment. The sometimes clinical coldness of this is offset and balanced nicely by some vintage furniture that produces the place look warmer plus much more inviting. This is important as modern kitchens are among the few areas inside your home that nuclear families spend tremendous amount of your time together in. And the more that can be done to make this family room a friendlier plus more comfortable destination to maintain, the larger the chances of your loved ones spending more time together within it.

If you are one of those trendy fashion victims that hate buying new branded clothes that everyone else sports simply shop at cool thrift stores, look no further as shabby chic will be the furniture style for your home. You can now find all of the furniture of this style online without going scouting in smelly attics or yard sales and high-end stores. All the original pieces which are unlike anything else you can get, are available online.