Shabby Chic Style – Cozy, Romantic and Oh-So Feminine

Shabby Chic Style – Cozy, Romantic and Oh-So Feminine

Are you among those individuals who loves the antique look of worn furnishings but feel you are unable to afford to redecorate your home? You don’t have to purchase pricey antiques; shabby chic decor will offer your home the design and atmosphere you desire, without costing a lot of money of greenbacks. This style is cozy, relaxed and intensely romantic. You can almost picture the soft, warm breeze floating across the room!

Soft and Sensuous

Many people, especially women, love the feminine look of light and white-washed decor that shabby chic provides. Furniture looks somewhat worn throughout the edges; curtains are muted pastels that blend softly with the rest of the room. Fabrics might be satiny, nubby or anything between. In fact, using ultra smooth satins and nubby textures together creates more interest.

With shabby chic, the older an accessory looks better. This style is meant to look relaxed, comfortable and a bit old-fashioned. If you now have more modern furnishings, you won’t need to go buy all new. Sand the finish from your coffee and end tables, paint them a traditional white color, then lightly sand edges along with other areas that will naturally “wear.” You hold the shabby chic look, without spending big money on new tables!

Elegance over a Budget

Shabby chic style lends itself to people who want a relaxed elegant look but have to stay within budget. You can often get the perfect accent or accessory with a flea market! As the nugget of advice goes, “one man’s trash is an additional man’s treasure.” This couldn’t be anymore true compared to shabby chic decorating.

When looking at your furniture, slip covers are almost essential using this style! Cover your sofa with a traditional white slip cover, after which add mismatched throw pillows which can be similar in color, but have different textures and patterns. A satiny floral along with a nubby plaid create a stunning combination, so long as the colours are complementary.

The Finishing Touches

Now that we have the furnishings covered, what should you do to accessorize? That’s a piece of cake as well. Flowers and greenery are staples in shabby chic decor. Buy a few fresh flowers in the market or pick several of your own personal if you have them. Throw them in an old looking vase, but don’t try to arrange them perfectly – you’d like them to look just a little thrown together. That’s the beauty of shabby chic; the style is elegant and relaxed, but not too perfect.

Lighting is an additional area where you could be a bit creative. Antique looking chandeliers and candle holders are perfect on this decor. Lamp shades in many cases are decorated with glass or crystal beads that increase the antique look. Painted shades are excellent also. Anything that appears to be if it came from another era is what you are striving for.

If you want a type of your own which don’t break your bank account, shabby chic could it be. Create a look that is light, open, airy, relaxed, romantic, elegant AND feminine, in one! It’s a look that is certainly original, and something get ready to experience with total comfort and ease.