Shabby Cottage Chic Colors

What’s in colors? Colors may affect the atmosphere. For shabby cottage chic, one wants warm colors that foster happy moods and comfy ambiance.

Color It Happy, Warm and Cozy

Sometimes you don’t get it immediately if you enter a property. You feel comfortable and your mood is transported to happy times in your own life. If you looked closely, you would have noticed the colors. The colors are unified to create this effect.

For cottage shabby chic, preferred colors reflect the colors of rustic English cottages. However, you’ll find possibilities open for cottage styles near the beach or even the woods.

Today’s popular color styles use creams and whites to go with other light colors. To find the right shade, a color chart inside the local home depot can give you more ideas how a bedrooms, kitchen, bath, family room and porch would eventually look.

shabby chic cottage color
The colors you select should opt for the fabrics and furniture. Ideally, for wood, light colors create a splash. Using slipcovers with colors that match the walls and furniture or contrasts nicely with the colors makes an impressive statement.

Furniture should be light colored. Dark colors are gloomy and out of sync with cottage style decorating. Old furniture retrieved from Gran’s attic are repainted learn how to colors – white or cream – to incorporate sparkle for the gingham covers, quilts, and floor rugs. Potted plants cleverly disguised in old wicker baskets supply the “green” that cools down the interiors.

Create an enjoyable mode with red slip-covers or yellow chintz curtains. Use a color chart to fit colors that together produce a soothing and happy effect. You don’t have to go completely with Victorian pinks. You can add these colors to fit whites and blues.

Whatever color you chose for the cottage chic, shabby style, make it simple. Simplicity is the secret to successful shabby cottage chic colors.