Shabby Elegance DIY Projects – The Perfect Way to Tame Your Home

Shabby Elegance DIY Projects – The Perfect Way to Tame Your Home

So today on this lovely Spring Day, why not look at some oh so sweet DIY Home Decor Shabby Chic Projects! They are so pretty, imaginative and they are very cost effective! So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and check out a few of these wonderful DIY home decor creations. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

For starters, try checking out those fabulous ‘Shabby Chic’ paintings by Bill Signore. You will be absolutely amazed! They have such wonderful depth and dimension and yet they are totally carefree and easy to create. All you need is basic paint, a small bit of furniture (shabby chic style) and you’re done! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

If you like flowers then one great way to enhance your shabby chic living room or bedroom is to use a large floral plant on top of a shelf. How fantastic would that look!! It gives such a fresh and vibrant look to the whole space. Also, if you have a nice book collection or a prized possession you can invest in some new wooden flooring to display it on. That’s another great idea that also doubles as a practical DIY project!

If you love vintage furniture then why not create a beautiful antique look with a little help from an ‘avant garde’ shabby chic furniture making kit. By using such tools as an ‘avant garde’ frame you can make old furniture look like new again! With just a few simple tools and a tiny bit of DIY knowledge this can be done in just one evening. Then after it’s completed you can sit back and enjoy a drink (of course your own made from your own recipes). Can you smell the coffee coming up? !

If you’re into shabby chic clocks and have a passion for collecting clocks then don’t despair as a great way to spruce up a room is to buy a beautiful and unique shabby chic clock, fix it up and then display it in your ‘chiaroscuro’ – the term which refers to the scene that a clock stands in. It could be any room in your home but the key is to choose one that you really like. You can also find kits available on the Internet which allow you to create your own clock.

As I said before shabby chic DIY projects are all about adding warmth and glamour to a home. There are a number of ways that you can achieve this. One simple way is to paint your walls in lovely warm tones. To give your walls that subtle warm look you should choose a warm colour like cream or butter, perhaps mix in a little lavender for some added drama. You can add a beautiful floral pattern with silk flowers on the top of your walls or alternatively choose one of the many different wallpapers currently popular in the shabby chic world.

Once you have your walls painted in your favourite shabby chic style, what do you do with your furniture? Again you have a number of options. You could simply remove the furniture and re-upholster it in a lovely fabric that will match your walls. Alternatively you could invest in some new stylish and well-matched furniture. Shabby chic furniture has been well loved by film stars for their bedrooms so if you have a great looking bedroom set, then you could invest in some real French style furniture.

One of the most popular areas of shabby chic involves the area around the bed and this is where you can really let your personality shine. This is probably the part of the room that most people neglect when they start doing their DIY shabby chic projects. Take time to look through old photographs and try and recreate the atmosphere that you would find in the photograph. There are endless ideas you can use from photographs as well as paintings and prints. Remember there is no right or wrong way to decorate but having a theme or a focus point such as a lamp or a vase will make your shabby chic bedroom a focal point that everyone will want to pay attention to.