Shabby Kitchen Designs – Turn Your Kitchens Into Hidden Treasures

Shabby Kitchen Designs – Turn Your Kitchens Into Hidden Treasures

Shabby Kitchen Designs – Turn Your Kitchens Into Hidden Treasures

If you are looking for a very feminine and classy design in your kitchen then shabby chic kitchen designs would be a great choice. These types of decor are often associated with the French Country or cottage style kitchens of days gone by, but these decor have recently made their way into modern homes around the UK. Shabby chic is all about layers of fabric, distressed woods and bright floral accents. It is great for adding a bit of character to your kitchen and really makes a country kitchen look very different.

The great thing about shabby style is that they look equally great in modern and rustic styled kitchens. This means that you can mix and match the different looks to create something very individual. There is a lot of thought and attention paid to details such as the paint colour and how the different fabrics are tied together. You can really have a lot of fun with this decor style.

One of the most popular elements of shabby chic kitchen design is the cabinets. Often these are constructed from stained wood with distressed edges. Sometimes you will find distressed woods that have been painted white, giving them a very cute and light airy appearance. You will also often discover distressed woods with cutouts or small floral accents painted onto the doors. These can add a great sense of charm to a room as well as being very practical for what you need to store in the cupboards.

Other popular accessories to help you get the best out of shabby chic are candles and vases. Candles in particular can give a very distinctive air of romance and create a welcoming atmosphere. If you have a rustic themed kitchen then you could consider hanging some vintage candle holders around the cabinets to complete the look. Candles in the past have often been used as an entire piece but there are so many contemporary candle styles on the market that it is possible to create a similar effect without the antique charm.

As with most design styles, lighting plays a big part in creating the perfect shabby chic atmosphere. Because shabby chic focuses on natural materials and minimalistic details, the amount of light that is allowed into the room is very important. In order to achieve the best effect, you should ensure that the blinds are properly sized to match the cabinets. Also, if you use curtains then make sure that they too are proportioned to the size of the cabinets. In order to create the right atmosphere, you should remove all objects that might be seen as a distraction such as TV sets or refrigerators. Because you are aiming for a more romantic and relaxing atmosphere, you should ensure that the place is not decorated in any way.

Because shabby chic uses very little in the way of furniture it is perfectly suitable for anyone who already has a full kitchen and who might want to create a more personal environment. This style of decor is also particularly well suited to families where the mother is a talented cook. It is possible to create just the right atmosphere by adding distressed furniture and gently worn cabinets. You can bring the shabby chic style into your bedroom by replacing any old furniture that is in poor condition with chic looking items such as old chest-style dressers or even an old linen closet. Just be sure that you keep the color scheme to light since dark colors tend to make a room look bigger.

If you are interested in making your entire kitchen look like a shabby chic style, there are some things that you can do. For example, you can paint the walls in light pastel colors to make the cabinets come to life. You can also give your cabinets an aged finish by painting them with an off-white color.

For the floors in your kitchen you will probably be looking for something a bit different than what you would normally find. One option is to use wooden flooring covered in little black crystals or with cobalt blue tiles. Another idea is to go with a natural wood effect by using stone or ceramic tiles. Be sure to keep your shabby chic style light by keeping your cabinets well-painted and your floors lightly-sanded.