Three Little Known Facts About Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is an interior design style that incorporates worn, antique furniture and vintage accessories to make a design that is both elegant and popular. Items are chosen for their worn appearance and therefore are often heavily painted throughout the years, with a lot of layers showing through. Fabrics are generally cotton or linen, also showing deterioration. Neutral colors, and frequently soft pastels such as pink, blue, and green will be the trademark on this unique style.


Although the shabby chic style is now extremely popular during the last 35 years, its roots actually began noisy . 1900’s much more Great Britain, many large, stately country homes and their contents were left to fade and age as a result of poverty of the house owners. It wasn’t before the 1980’s, however, that this popular style took its name. During this time, many people had a desire to express just how much class and taste they had. By incorporating the ‘chic’ interior style into their homes, we were holding able to boast classically vintage furniture that a history.

Fact: Not As Old As You Think

Shabby chic furniture is not always old or antique. Many new pieces are distressed (designed to look old) to provide them a vintage, antique look. By applying white glaze and paint, after which scrubbing and sanding the superior layers, especially around the edges, furniture may be transformed from a new challenge and modern to something shabby chic. In addition to transforming new furniture, lots of people buy used furniture at thrift stores and garage sales to create beautiful shabby chic furnishings for homes. The style is about simple elegance and incorporating many different pieces to create a look that is unique.


One of the best reasons for having decorating your home inside shabby chic style can it be doesn’t have being expensive. It is very easy to combine several unique pieces to create a fresh search for your home without spending lots of money. Because it is so versatile, it truely does work well in nearly all room of your property, such as the kitchen and bathroom. From vintage armoires, to your dining table and chairs, the shabby chic type of decorating adds elegance to your house that is inexpensive and attractive.

The shabby chic design of interior decorating has arrived to remain for quite some time. Trends demonstrate that the design has grown in popularity over the past 35 years, and still does so. Whether it is a single piece of furniture, a whole room, or possibly a house-wide theme, the shabby interior planning style with its deeply rooted history, will really produce a statement in your house.