Vintage Shabby Chic Decor: The Elegance of a Classic Style at Your Home

Vintage Shabby Chic Decor: The Elegance of a Classic Style at Your Home

Vintage Shabby Chic Decor: The Elegance of a Classic Style at Your Home

It’s the perfect combination: vintage shabby chic and rotary phones! The vintage shabby chic decor I’m talking about is the very old French style of decor, with worn, creased furniture and lots of small decorative pieces. Rotary phones, clocks, and chandeliers have been big favorites in this style. Many vintage shabby chic homes have these elements, but they’ve been carefully aged to perfection. You can create this effect yourself!

Here’s one example of how to create a vintage shabby chic look with an iPhone. You’ll need: a Macbook Pro with an LCD, a round white desk that’s at least 3.5 feet tall, a place to place your laptop (with its own charger), and a glass or acrylic display for your photos and artwork. Obviously, you can’t include the actual iPhone here. But if you had it, this would be a great place to display your treasured gadget. Here’s what you do next.

Decorating a baby shower with vintage shabby chic wedding decor can be fun. You want to have a very distinctive look, so go all out. Choose a cheery color like red, blue, or pink, and make sure you have lots of green for plants and candles. You can even go with an Asian theme, with touches of oriental pottery and bamboo fountains. Your table linens can be anything you love – bright floral prints, a playful teddy bear, or a collage of photo frames and vintage photographs.

This is another fun way to decorate a baby shower. Again, choose an earthy color like yellow and add some flowers in a vase. You can find a nice piece of rotary phone Victorian shabby chic that you can glue to the wall, or any wall and ceiling fixtures. This would be a great accent to a country theme. Or, for a more modern twist, choose an engraved metal platter or a silver platter with some flowers on it for an easy addition to your home phone wallpaper.

For a fun look with vintage shabby chic decor, use pretty pots and pans as centerpieces on your tables. Place one on each side of the table and put a votive candle in front of it. This is a wonderful idea for a wedding, especially if you’re having a destination wedding where the bride or groom is from a different part of the country.

An interesting thing about vintage shabby chic is that it’s not only limited to plain old tables and candles. You can also use interesting bottles to add to your vintage shabby chic. Try going with an old Zetaclear bottle, a bottle from Grandma’s or a bottle from the 1940s. The possibilities are endless.

To give your vintage shabby chic room a unique and special look, think about using flecks of paint. Go with metallic flecks for a brushed metal look or go with gold flecks for a gold look. You can also throw in some pinstripe pinwheels to make it look like it was decorated with stripes. The idea is to be unique but still have a beautiful design that will bring interest to your home.

There are so many things you can do with vintage shabby chic. It will depend on how much time you have to put into it and the kind of design you want to achieve. Once you have decided to go with this type of decor, just be sure to keep all of your vintage shabby chic accessories together. Don’t try to mix and match them as this can destroy the unique look you created. This is something you should only do if you are completely comfortable with doing it.