What is the Shabby Chic Look?

What is the Shabby Chic Look?

Home accessories are deliberately mismatched to achieve an ‘effortless” look. This casual look – however – has been carefully planned and thought through.

Overall, nothing really has to match. But somehow the effect is warm and welcoming.

Shabby chic furniture is usually painted in white or any other soft colours including cream, pale pink, or light grey. So if you’re considering bright colours, shabby chic is obviously not in your case. The corners and edges are then lightly sanded down to attain a stylish distressed look. Sometimes, the paint is even chipped away in some places to imitate a well used furniture piece.

Shabby chic style furniture is ideal in country houses, where style is more important than fashion and modernity.

The words ‘shabby’ and ‘chic’ were first combined together by ‘The World of Interiors magazine’ within the 80s and became very popular within the US inside the 1990s, although it’s actually a trend that started inside United Kingdom.

Shabby chic items don’t necessarily have to be bought to get. You can find interesting components of flea markets.

Don’t look down on anything. If a chest of drawers looks much too tired, sand it, and paint rid of it white. If an old chandelier is rusted, and doesn’t work, wash it and rewire it.

Many pieces may be adapted from use to another. An old bench could be recycled and converted into a cherished coffee table with nice signs of wear-and-tear. Anything old can be painted or recovered. Just use your imagination!