What Shabby Chic Furniture Is Really All About

What Shabby Chic Furniture Is Really All About

A friend of mine recently explained she was eating out in buy some shabby chic furniture, this agreement I helpfully replied she could be best looking for new furniture, rather than shabby furniture. She patiently explained she wasn’t searching for shabby furniture, but shabby chic furniture, which has been completely different, and totally lost on me back then.

However, having got a new variety of furniture on her behalf dining-room, and for her bedroom which was in the shabby chic style, I was treated to some guided tour to educate me an a bit more in what shabby chic is all about. I must admit that I realised immediately exactly what it was all about, and may see the appeal.

She posseses an old house, with stone walls and exposed beams, and contains a genuine cottage feel for it. Somehow, shiny new contemporary furniture just doesn’t look in an old property, but antique furniture might be fearfully expensive, and it is not necessarily possible to find components of furniture that match existing stuff you already have inside room.

Shabby chic is often a style containing gained in popularity during the last several years, although actually it is often around to get a number of years. Although the style has been around for a long time, the name given into it is relatively recent, which is the reason many people feel that shabby chic furniture is really a new idea.

If you are not entirely certain precisely what is meant by shabby-chic, then let me explain briefly exactly what it’s exactly about. Antique furniture can look fantastic, given it has class, elegance as well as a fine pedigree. It looks interesting, settled, at home, and it has a lot more character and appeal than shiny new furniture that is delivered in the flat pack. But the problem with antique furniture is that it could are expensive, may not invariably be completely stable or solid, and might not necessarily suit existing furniture in the room.

A a lot more affordable and convenient solution is to buy brand-new furniture which looks like classy antique furniture, particularly antique furniture which has a French inspired theme to it. The furniture that my pal had chosen included tables, chairs, a side cabinet and mirrors to the dining-room, along with an armoire, dressing table, mirrors, bed and bedroom chairs for upstairs. All the item of furniture was greatly of the style, which has a soft cotton-like white painted effect in the wood, which was clearly distressed in key areas to really make it look as though the item of furniture was around for generations.

This is where the name comes from then, using the shabbiness of antique furniture combined using the chic style that actually works so well today. But the beauty of shabby chic furniture is who’s works in so many different ways as well as in many varieties of home. Modern homes, and apartments, old cottages, Victorian terrace properties and new build townhouses can all accommodate shabby chic furniture in different ways, and also to great success. Certainly when it comes to French inspired faux antique furniture nothing is shabby about being chic.