Why is Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic So Popular?

Why is Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic So Popular?

If you’ve every wondered what’s behind the popularity of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic, oahu is the way this innovative designer was inspired to generate a classy, yet casual, style that mixes old and new, modern and traditional, easy and elaborate. This way of home decorating opens the door in your personal imagination and sense of fun to generate a living space that’s warm, embracing and classy.

Instead of shopping at expensive home furnishing stores, Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic encourages visits to flea markets and yard sales, to discover vintage furniture which can be given new life using a simple paint job. Rachel’s hue of choice, obviously, is white. White offers a blank canvas where to state your personal creativity.

Rachel uses loose fitting slipcovers on upholstered furniture as opposed to doing a pricey upholstery project. To really reveal the essence of the vintage and casual style, Rachel suggests using old accessories and collectibles.

As it really is with many different projects that begin the house, Rachel’s sense of design expanded and became well-versed. She is now offering her very own line of custom furniture and fabric. There are also stores offering shabby chic decor nationally.

Since then, Rachel has been gaining a lot of praise and recognition for her designs.

The shabby chic style isn’t limited to restored wood or wrought iron furnishings. Fabrics may also be included with floral patterns, subtle lines and colors of light pastels and white. Collected vintage items, lacy or sheer fabrics and crystal chandeliers are also part of the ensemble.

The ultimate look that Rachel Ashwell achieves in her rooms is certainly one which brings together different types of objects and accessories to create an unique harmony. In the end, you have a room is comfortable and alluring, not forgetting elegant. Many homeowners and designers continue being inspired and influenced by this simple, but sumptuous method of interior decorating.

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