Why is Shabby Chic Decor So Popular?

Why is Shabby Chic Decor So Popular?

Let’s face it. When it comes to tackling a decorating project in the house, many people look for simplicity. This is why shabby chic decor is constantly gain in popularity. It is a design that mixes and matches old with all the new. It’s a style that takes people to local flea markets and yard sales to scour for care-worn treasures.

Most of the fun in accomplishing this unique decorating style is restoring the elegance of those treasures using a coat of paint or slipcovers created using shabby chic fabric. Taking on the challenge of refurbishing a vintage lamp or chandelier, becomes much of this unique decorating experience.

The simplicity on this style certainly plays a role in its growing appeal. White or light-colored walls are typically accented with favorite old pieces of furniture included with new items which improve the cozy, comfortable feel in the room.

Shabby chic decor provides many opportunities just for fun and creativity. For example, you are able to paint your baseboards in a different,complementary color. It sounds quirky, but you’ll be astonished at the attractive look this creates.

Simplicity also comes from the application of slipcovers made out of lovely fabrics that re-create the sensation to be your grandmother’s home, in places you were always loved and welcomed. Not only is this an easy way to make your old furniture look great, but keeps it protected and clean. When the slipcovers get dirty, they pop right off and type in the washer for a fresh, clean look.

This decorating style is not only about furniture and lamps. Your floor ought to always be considered when incorporating the shabby chic look. Hardwood floors provide the perfect background for adding an area rug that blends in while using rest from the room. Wood also increases the warm cozy feel.

If you’re someone that likes the look, feel and noise reduction of carpet, you’ll be able to also select from some with the newer textures which come in plain, lighter colors. Monotone colors, lend themselves to interesting effects by incorporating small rugs.

The finishing touches towards the room are derived from adding your individual mementos and objects. Old photos can be reframed, and using elegant vases filled up with fresh flowers, along with strategically-placed candles, adds the perfect crowning glory to the warm, inviting decor.

Make no mistake about this. The simplicity, fun and affordability of producing an original living area with shabby chic decor causes it to be a preferred selection for those who wish to give new life with their home interiors.

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